Messiah on Temple Mount: Are We Nearing the End of Time? Neanderthals are our closest cousins, Conny Waters - - A rare child burial dating back 8,000 years on Alor Island, Indonesia has been discovered by ANU archeologists. Bible Archaeology News 2020-----Mar 17, 2020 - JERUSALEM, ISRAEL ... A Harbor City of Ancient Rome.-Archaeology in Europe. According to a report in... Excavations carried out by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) have uncovered the remains of a summer palace in the Mehtab Bagh (Moonlight Garden) opposite the Taj Mahal, according to a report... Pseudo archaeology, and some of its more controversial claims, have long been the subject of extensive debate among mainstream scholars and the general public. Marvelous Juglet With Four Pure Gold Coins Found In Jerusalem – Someone’s Piggy Bank? A 1,500-Year-Old Holy Well Probably With Healing Water – Discovered In Bulgaria, Cities Of Bashan Were Built By Ancient Giants – Archaeological Evidence Exists But Is Ignored, 7,000-Year-Old Tepe Ozbaki Mounds Yielded Valuable Relics – But Now The Site Is In Trouble. New technologies have allowed scientists to examine the insides of an Egyptian little girl mummy that is almost 2000 years old. Conny Waters - - Scientists have studied five drought periods over an 800-year period during which Ancestral Puebloans had to fight for their survival, and they succeeded. The Nephilim: Giant Offspring of the Sons of God and the Daughters of Man? Ancient DNA Reconstructs Rise Of Largest Empires In History Of Inner Asia. It’s true there were troublemakers, Conny Waters - - The loss of tropical rainforests and grasslands that once dominated Southeast Asia caused the extinction of many of the region's megafauna, and probably, Jan Bartek - - Ancient Romans understood the value of salt. Read more history news from around the world here at Ancient Origins. Witches were considered evil by Medieval people and the belief in, Jan Bartek - - There seems to be no end to archaeological findings in Egypt. Conny Waters - - Egyptian archaeologists have uncovered a number of ancient Egyptian artifacts in a burial well in Minya Governorate. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. How Did A Rare 2,000-Year-Old Gem Seal Depicting God Apollo End Up In The City Of David? Stay updated with the latest archaeology news. The coins are still in excellent condition despite being at, Ellen Lloyd - - There are still many beautiful Viking Age treasures waiting to be discovered and one of them has just been unearthed on a farm, Jan Bartek - - An interesting piece of fossil of extinct human species suggests climate change contributed to the evolution and unexpected anatomical changes that previously were, Conny Waters - - Researchers have analyzed teeth from the Castellón Alto individuals belonging to El Argar culture (Southeastern Iberia) that flourished between c. 2200 BC and, Jan Bartek - - We reported recently Viking graves in Norway had been a victim of vandalism and looting. Unique Viking Age Silver Treasure Found On Farm Near Stockholm In Sweden, Fossil Of Extinct Human Species Reveals Climate Change Led To Unexpected Anatomical Changes 2 Million Years Ago, 4,000 Years Ago Women Of El Argar Used Their Teeth As Tools. It could also change, Conny Waters - - Throughout its history, the ancient city of Patara on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, was a region combining various nations and cultures.