Free Garden Planner trial! Get a 7-day trial which is ample time to draw out your first garden. Some of our favourite gardening products not surprisingly keep selling out at the moment as everyone plans for the summer ahead. A Garden Journal That Keeps Track of You. The Garden Planner has over 250 vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers plus videos and written guides covering everything you need to know to plan and produce your most successful garden yet. It’s a smart garden planner Journal that tracks, collects and shares. Journal your garden's progress with notes and photos, and setup reminders for essential tasks. Our smart vegetable garden planner schedules all your gardens’ “To Dos,” from prepping to picking. I have the right to stop payment of an automatic payment by notification to Garden Homes (5) business days before my account is to be charged. Save time and money if you are interested in signing up for our Automatic Payment Plan. Our interactive Vegetable Garden Planner provides help with garden design, plant selection and placement, planting times, frost dates, crop rotations, succession sowings, cover crops, record keeping and more. Learn more about To Dos. Learn more > Journal. This veggie garden planner is just about as simple as they come, but it does the trick. View To Dos at a glance and get weekly email reminders when it’s time to get in your garden. Whether they are planning several vacations and day trips over the summer, or just have a busy schedule where watering the garden is not at the top of the list. The tool allows you to make a custom garden plan, but also has some great pre-planned gardens available. By the way, there are free plans for a green house online. Try it free for 7-days. With The Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Planner, you can lay out your dream garden right on your computer! Plus, it is personalized just for you. The Garden Planner pulls frost data from your zip code or postal code to ensure the right planting dates and plants. AUTOMATIC PAYMENT PLAN. There’s a rainfall calculator, a soil calculator for filling a raised bed, and a pest and disease directory, as well. The vegetable Garden Planner is especially great for square-foot gardening because it calculates the spacing for your plants. This garden plot will suit many regions, however, we do advise trying out our online Garden Planner to create a garden that perfectly fits your growing zone. Check out the best garden planner app on Earth! When which months to plant Tamotos, Brocoli,Spinich Submitted by Mariana Du Toit on May 25, 2016 - 5:55am Having an automatic plant watering system is one of those gadgets that help make daily life just a little bit easier. Plus, our garden planner software even handles crop rotation!