It works particularly well in any Scandi-inspired interior and has auto shut off that you can set to one, three or nine hours. This product works by emitting the heat from underneath as it clings to your mattress just like a fitted sheet. Also, do not place the sheets under heavy objects as they might damage the wires. If you can spend a couple of dollars extra as compared to the other premium blankets then you would get some really advanced features for that price. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. Con: What feels comfortable at first might be too hot later. Some of the qualities of an electric blanket that are most likely to amaze you include: You can set your electric blanket to automatically turn itself off after working for a specified number of minutes when you are comfortably asleep. When it comes to buying an electric blanket, safety is a key concern to most buyers. Just another electric blanket that is made up of 100% polyster and comes wtih all the advanced feature that we get to see with the other brands. Thus, it will not look misplaced when left on the couch. Please read on to learn more about electric blanket safety. The electric blankets come with low voltage wiring that comes with no risk of shock. Besides, it has superior safety features besides even heating and easy heat level control. While electric blankets undeniably keep you warm and cozy, using one for an extended period can result in dry and scaly skin. The blanket is constructed using soft plush fabric to enhance your comfort coupled with easy to use technology. If this is the case, this is a nice choice. The washing and drying for this blanket are going to be super easy for you since the blanket is washer and dryer safe. The WAPANEUS Electric heated blanket is designed such that the temperature setting is of three levels with one button. Electric blankets are unsuitable for use with children and the elderly. Get a heated blanket stay warm and keep heating costs down. This makes sure that you are getting the most comfortable experience while using this electric blanket. In this case, using a regular electric blanket with uniform heating just won’t cut it, as your partner does not require the same warmth level as you. Remains a customer favorite for its reversible design, which features plush and faux sherpa. This blanket lives to deliver what manufacturer promises to ensure that you are warm and comfortable all night long. You might feel extremely cold, while your partner is slightly warm while sleeping on the bed at night. What to consider when buying the best electric blanket The long and short of heated blankets selection and use is that you should get a cost-effective blanket and use it in the right way. None the less, everything it produces comes with exceptional quality and that too at a great price point. The long and short of heated blankets selection and use is that you should get a cost-effective blanket and use it in the right way. Sunbeam electric blanket comes with some really soft fabric, and the option to use it from both the sides is another great option to consider it. You’ve come to the right place. Available in double and king. We tested blankets for comfort, fit (where applicable), heat distribution, aesthetics and all the features mentioned above. Made up of sherpa on one side and the Royal mink on the other side, the blanket is reversible too, which means you are free to use it from any of the sides. The Pure Enrichment PureRelief Electric Blanket is a large, comfortable and also durable blanket that you can clean when needed. Learn how your comment data is processed. Read each of the reviews Let’s start with the feature that is truly exceptional on this electric blanket, 20 heat levels. The blanket do not get hot on the high level which is a good thing. Now getting into the actual review of the electric blanket, everything is almost perfect on it. It’s ready in eight minutes and has a variable timer and auto shut-off after one, three, six or – if you stay really chilly at night – 12 hours. But make sure to remove the controller plug before going in for the wash. Many bedding experts do not recommend it. Nearly half of your energy bill goes into heating. The best electric blankets to get are either made with a polyester blend or from 100% polyester. This Sunbeam blanket stands on top of our list not just because of popularity but also because of the excellent features it comes with. This best electric blanket is perfect for individuals who are looking for a model that comes with soft and plush materials. The electric blankets of the past were thin and poorly insulated, but today's electric blankets are different. Many wish the controls were designed better with a clearer display. Affordable polar fleece design available in three solids and three patterns. Modern electric blankets use a much more flexible heating grid than earlier models. If you’re keen on reducing your monthly electricity expenses, you, like many other people, are pondering over this question: How can I reduce heating costs during fall and winter? Well, to help you with this, we tested quite a lot of electric blankets in the market, and finally landed on the 10 best electric blankets in the market. The WAPANEUS Electric heated blanket is ETL certified, which means you don’t need to worry about overheating. Do not wash the sheets longer than is necessary, as repeated squeezing might distort the wiring system. Additionally, this model is constructed with the latest technology that allows it to heat the bed before you can jump in. Generally, your bed will be warm enough to sleep in between ten to twenty minutes after turning on the electric blanket. This is the cheapest electric blanket in our round-up. Sunbeam is one of the oldest brands in the market and it not only produces electric blankets but also produces heated mattresses and heater throws. Best Electric Blankets – Quick Navigation, The 10 Best Electric Blankets for 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide. It has three settings, which you can alternate between on the sliding controller and view on the LED display and it shuts off after three hours so it doesn’t matter if you forget to turn it off.