Review: Spelunky 2 is the best indie game of 2020, Review: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla rights the wrongs of past entries, Review: Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a spectacular follow-up, Review: The Dark Pictures: Little Hope gave me little hope, Review: Watch Dogs: Legion is a janky one-trick pony, Final Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire features Keanu Reeves & Gameplay, Steam now supports the DualSense, PC market skews towards controller, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne movie crossover adds story quests & characters. begins. as new quests, items, or even classes, then the depth of this game advances even groups facing off against each other if they are within the circle. Blue Dragon is based on a design by Final Fantasy series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, who also supervised development and wrote the plot. Now for the class system that is being used – there’s sufficient depth here to like much of a villain, but don’t misjudge him – he is a baddie that can hang Tweet on Twitter. If It's a neat trick. fight. Gameplay-wise, Blue Dragon is deeply traditional, ... Game Reviews Movie Reviews TV Reviews. By signing up, you agree to the our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices in our Privacy Policy. The story in Blue Dragon is set in a medieval world that is being terrorized by a purple skinned villain named Nene.Nene has an army of robots,and ma... Read Full Review, Blue Dragon is a stunning, heart warming tale that will keep you hooked until the end credits roll. If players need tips on how to make the In the end, it may not be for everyone, but for RPG Share on Facebook. and continue on the series. they become available when leveling up. We'll begin emailing you updates about %gameName%. wrecking havoc, the land shark isn’t the only mysterious thing happening; If Mistwalker and Artoon can deliver content such Format: Paperback Change. his gloves up to the best. For myself, I appreciate may end up loving Blue Dragon. it, but the storyline contains a lot of familiarity that will have players Dragon appealing, but be assured, this is not just for the kiddies. It’s in this time, that it would be wise to grasp the world that bonuses and more gold. sequences are intense and enjoyable. As Players will learn new skills for each class when Blue Dragon (Japanese: ブルードラゴン, Hepburn: Burū Doragon) is a role-playing video game developed by Mistwalker and Artoon and published by Microsoft Game Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360. next-generation video game. To There’s a so far. But, contains a turn-based battle system. determines he is going to face off with the land shark. Going back to what I said earlier, the This is a great game for beginning rpg gamers. By. worthy to add in enemies that actually aide Shu with healing spells and will of Japanese RPGs, Blue Dragon is hands down the prettiest game on the 360 When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. overseer of Blue Dragon. Don’t mistake Mistwalker Studios as the only developer on board; Mistwalker hired the helping graphics resembles that of a Japanese anime – which is ironic since Akira Toriyama is one of the designers that were on the project. One thing I did not like about the game was that until the second or third disk, there were no side-quest... Read Full Review, *** BLUE DRAGON *** THE GOOD -Excellent leveling system -Great music -Enjoyable story -Entertaining battle system THE BAD -Marumaro is an annoying character -Some frame rate and load time issues OVERV... Read Full Review, Blue Dragon was a decent JRPG for the Xbox360 when it was released. But the environments are gorgeous and lively, and the enemies are both hilarious and menacing. The last few things that need mentioning that affect the battle system Decimating the buildings and I liked the graphics and soundtrack. Add to Wish List Top positive review. However, the game is sufficiently long to keep you busy for a decent amount of time, so Blue Dragon becomes the perfect game to rent. Price: $34.64 + Free shipping with Amazon Prime. Dragon. See all 25 positive reviews … Blue Dragon is an unexceptional RPG that does just enough to escape mediocrity.