On the center stand, remove the engine pan drain plug, drain the oil, replace the oil drain plug using a new crush washer (yes, even if it is the solid aluminum type), top up the oil to the proper mark (NOT screwing in the dipstick when taking a reading is standard for BMW Airheads). If anything, I might go to 10,000 mile oil changes, but change the filter every 5,000. A few pointers: 1) Buy the BMW filter wrench, since it is difficult to find an off-the-shelf one that fits. 1996 R1100R Transmission oil change So after a 25 min. I have found this oil at Autozone. Reading fault memory with BMW Motorrad diagnostic system (R1150RT) Gearbox-oil change (R1150RT, every 2 years) Oil change, rear wheel drive (R1150RT, every 2 years) Changing brake fluid in Integral ABS wheel circuit, front and rear (R1150RT) Change brake fluid in entire ABS control circuit (R1150RT) Checking clutch fluid level (R1150RT) If I remember correctly, the oil drain plug takes a 6mm Allen key (a T-handle one works best). Why you would change the oil and not the filter is beyond me. One oz. You can pick up our Crush Washer Kits, which are conveniently packaged in full sets of the washers needed to change all the drive train oils — no more searching Microfiche diagrams to find them. I use a 20w-50 Castrol RS V-Twin oil. I used some synthetic ATF to finish the job. It's something like .89 of an oz. flexible tubing oil filter tool alternator belt (tygon) flashlight fuel filter, o-ring, clamps measuring cylinder crush washers ... (R1100R) or side panels, remove tank bolt on right side, RS – … For some models, oil filters are included in BMW motorcycle oil change kits that also have the required crush washers and other gaskets. BMW vehicles are designed to require service less frequently than other makes, allowing you more time on the road and less time in the shop. If just changing the engine oil, and NOT the filter, take a 10 mile minimum ride to warm the oil. BMW R1100R, 1996,, service" Oil etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,, - YouTube I change mine every 5,000 miles, oil and filter. was close enough. Particles that aren't supposed to be in the oil. Change oil when engine at regular operating temperature, renew oil filter: Changing oil in gearbox, warmed to normal operating temperature: Adjusting valve clearance: Replacing spark plugs: Replace the fuel filter (every 40.000 km) Checking battery acid level: Cleaning and greasing battery terminals: Replacing intake air filter (new to me old bike, 66 800 on it, so I am slowly getting everything done, motor oil was last week). THE BASICS:. What does the filter hold? If you don't know when the rear end and transmission gear oil was changed you should consider doing so. I had a full liter of 15w MOTOL ffork oil that was taking up shelf space so that's whats in there now. ride, I have drained the gear oil from both the transmission and the final drive. Rear drive gear oil – change (every 24K miles) Fuel filter – change (every 24K miles) Battery fluid level – check Battery – electrolyte level, clean/grease terminals Air filter – change Alternator belt – change (every 36K miles, some R1100GS at 24K miles) Wheel bearing play – check Swing arm bearing play – check Spark plugs – change Annual Service Brake fluid – change Bimmer drivers get to avoid the 3,000 mile oil change and instead only need an oil service every 7,500 miles for their Intermediate Oil Change and Oil & … try Beemerboneyard.com, maxbmwmotorcyles.com, or euromotoelectrics.com. The argument can be made both pro and con about whether to change the oil in these BMW … BMW #10 grease feeler gauges gear oil - 1 1/4 qt. For oil change parts, oil filter, drain plug sealing washer, and oil filter removal tool. OIL CHANGE - PAUL GLAVES ... hex wrenches oil - 4 qt. There's not a lot of clearance to get around the filter, so you will definitely need a filter wrench to get it out.