A cat may be suffering from poisoning if any of the following general symptoms are observed: Difficulty in breathing Blue tongue and gums Panting Vomiting and/or diarrhea Gastric irritation Coughing and sneezing Depression Salivation Seizures, tremors or involuntary muscle twitching Weakness and potentially unconsciousness Dilated pupils Frequent uri… Note: If ever your cat is experiencing any of the above make sure that you keep them well hydrated and rush them to the vet immediately. Location: Went around the corner & now I'm lost!!!! Coughing or choking might require you to get him to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Close. Answer Save. Not only would I say it’s a bad idea, especially because cats can be a lot of work to maintain, but I would also say it’s a fairly bad idea because cats catching roaches is actually not very effective. I'm going to opt out of this question to see if another vet can answer it for you. My cat ate a poisoned cockroach, is it dangerous of there is no poisoning symptoms( vomiting, diarrhea,etc), and is it urgent to go to the vet. Cockroaches shouldn't harm your kitty, but there are a few things to watch for. It’s no secret that humans have used cats as a form of pest control for centuries. ? Worm worries? Dogs, cats, ferrets, house rabbits, and pet pigs may also be attracted to the baits. I put some out and my cat was sniffing it, she tried. Your feline might ingest some of the poison… This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Same with Kalista, she’s always killing bugs and trying to sneak eating our chinchilla’s hay. Unless of course you have poison out for the roaches, and now your cat is eating the poison infected roach. Watch for signs of choking or difficulty breathing if he's gnawing away on a roach. Take your dog to the vet or the cat can die. My naturopathic doctor has helped me with issues when my cat experienced nervous system disorders from side effects from on of those horrible spto on flea treatments where he developed what seemed like mini seizures and really odd facial and neck movements. This somewhat ties into the first point, however, some cats will always experience gastrointestinal issues from eating insects. otherwise, its okay, let him eat them. Cockroaches have exoskeletons, a thick cartilage-like covering on the outside of their bodies, instead of bones. It is also huge. Sounds like your cat will be a great mouser too. The Humane Society of the United States: Common Household Dangers for Pets. Jess4rsake. Remove your cat from the source of the poison and isolate from other animals. The following errors occurred with your submission. I finally gave in and kept one, though I already had a large rescue dog. If so your cat is eating not only the cockroach but the poison also. You should keep an eye on her and if she starts coughing, wheezing, or if her throat or another body part starts swelling you should bring her to a vet immediately. Cats, especially domestic cats, will spend quite a bit of time playing with their live food before eating it. As much as I love that they kill bugs… I definitely don’t want them on my pillow! How do you get a cat to leave the Christmas tree and ornaments alone?? If you are 13 years old when were you born? Though it is considered completely harmless for a cat to both kill and eat a cockroach, I wouldn’t recommend using cats as a method of pest control, especially if they have only been indoor cats. Without proper treatment, a cat could die from poisoning. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. okay... you'll find that you're cat will be great at taking care of spiders too. Press J to jump to the feed. Oftentimes pieces of the exoskeleton are not fully broken down and will appear in your cat’s feces. I helped feral litters get homes when they were left on my back patio. Roaches are poison and kill the cats in less than a month if I were you I would call the emergency vet right now! Cats can happily hunt and eat most forms of roaches. If this was the first time your cat has eaten a roach, your cat may have thrown up because they are not used to breaking down the proteins inside of the roach. For example: Beau ignores most bugs, unless they are flying/buzzing around, Walker plays with insects and eats them about 20% of the time unless you kill them for him first, then he eats them 100% of the time, Kalista loves to hunt and kill bugs, but doesn’t like eating them. If the poison is on the coat or paws, try to prevent the cat from grooming itself further. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? Sometimes you’d think that there were a few since he would take so long to kill and eat them, but he was mostly having fun! Learn how your comment data is processed. Godfather movie scenes? While there are certain bugs that are considered toxic when cats eat them, cockroaches are not one of them.