This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have a mini-cusinart that will do it as well. Thanks for your recipes. This will become a staple dish in my house. Then I would let the steam evaporate a little and perhaps give it a tiny squeeze to rid it of some water or it will be a soggy mess. thanks, Hi Sue, great question. It’s great, Georgina. Then I cover with cling wrap and microwave from 4-8 minutes depending on how much I have. This will become a standard at our house. Hi, Lisa. WOW! That sounds like a super idea! website by Thanks for putting this together. Low Carb? Hi, I want to try this since my family just fell in love with cauliflower rice. I’m so glad you liked the combination, Debbie! Spoon into a serving bowl and top with pepper, fresh thyme, and a dollop of Crème Fraîche. Your email address will not be published. Oh, Hi, Jennifer! Could I blend this up in a blender instead of food processor? Enjoy. You would have to squeeze out some of the moisture and that would decrease recipe yield. -Kim. I plan to make this tomorrow night and just wondering, couldn’t you use a potatoe masher or fork to smash all of this together, since both the celery root & cauliflower are tender. sub buttermilk or sour cream for heavy cream. Yum! Copyright © 2020 Low Carb Maven on the Foodie Pro Theme, Fluffy Low Carb Mashed Cauliflower with Celery Root (Keto). -Kim. I can’t stand regular cauliflower mash. Can you use plain greek yogurt I’m place of heavy cream or sour cream? It gives such a nice texture to the mashed cauli. It always seems soggy/spongy and water logged. Enjoy your week. Over the years I’ve heard people complain that they don’t like using cauliflower as a low carb mashed potato substitute. The celery root completely changed texture. Have saved this recipe. It’s one quarter of the recipe. Steaming the cauliflower produces fluffy mashed cauliflower. Served with mexican style pork. I thought celery root (any root vegetable) and cauliflower were higher in carbs?! That’s helpful for everyone. I have you cousins across the pond and the Food TV Network to thank for that one! I steamed the cauliflower above the celeriac and garlic. Process until smooth. BEST mashed no-potato EVER! Enjoy your week. Enjoy your day. Low carb garlic cauliflower celery root mash is fantastic! Totally odd looking when you see it at the store, but surprising how good it is. This cauliflower mash is just as good reheated and served the next day. Just letting you know I have featured this recipe in my post roundup of 14 delicious recipes using cauliflower! It makes so much sense – you’ll preserve much more of the taste. I doubt there are few who could resist cauliflower fritters, a nice serving of loaded mashed cauliflower, or my all-time favorite cream of celery soup that uses pureed cauliflower as its creamy base! I do steam mine, but curious about the microwave…………. He enjoyed the results but my son-in-law Said he would rather have this than typical mashed potatoes. I hate to dissapoint but will this turn out good without the celeriac? Cauliflower is actually very low in carbs and is why it is often used as a rice substitute. You can add more flavor to the mash by adding 1⁄2 cup grated parmesan and any finely chopped herbs. Thank you for this recipe!! Except I will get a fresh cauliflower head for this recipe. var cur = 2014; Thank you, I’m glad you like the recipe, Justin. I Love it. -Kim. It might be too thick for a blender, but I only have an old blender – not one of the high powdered blenders like Vitamix or Blendtec. Fluffy low carb mashed cauliflower with celery root is perfect served with roast chicken, turkey, or any other roasted or grilled meat. This recipe sounds perfect for next time I see one in the store :), Glad to know I’m not the only one who likes it, Stacey. Thanks for commenting Elaine. every day occasions. Then, I drain the cauliflower and remove the film to release some of the steam before I puree it. (If you slice the peel away, … Crème fraîche is an exquisitely rich cultured cows’ cream with a thick, creamy texture and a tart, slightly nutty flavor. I served this recipe to my MIL for Christmas and she never knew it wasn’t potatoes. Hi Anne. I’m so glad you liked it Kristina! View all posts by Kim Hardesty | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest, Filed Under: Basics, Cauliflower, Side Dishes, Vegetables. Yum! © Hi Sidney, this recipe gives you a 1/2 cup serving, which is appropriate for a pureed vegetable. Four ounces of riced cauliflower (raw) is about 1 1/3 cups. I’m thrilled you like the recipe, Ashley. I am now anxious to try celery root in many other ways. I agree that it’s really great with celery root. Most people really like that recipe. document.write(year); -Kim. One year, while grocery shopping, I spied an ugly, gnarled, brown root with celery growing out of it’s top – celery root (celeriac). It’s a nice combination. Funny how you posted this – I was wondering just yesterday how celery root would aid in a cauliflower recipe. I am excited to try this recipe! I swear you could not tell the difference between real mashed potatoes and this recipe. The celery root lent a mild-sweet-celery flavor with a very faint under-currant of spice – thoroughly sophisticated. I’m definitely impressed. Use a good-quality vegetable peeler to remove the skin from the celeriac. This recipe really tastes best with the celery root. Thank you for the recipe and the lesson on this marvelous root! Place cooked vegetables into a food process and add baked garlic, butter, salt, and pepper. Wrap the seasoned garlic cloves in the foil and bake at 400 degrees F for 20-25 minutes until soft. This recipe is from the booklet, Crème Fraîche: Recipes & Inspiration Your email address will not be published. Terms and Privacy -Kim. Thank you for sharing, Thanks Katrin. Have a nice week. -Kim. Boil or steam cauliflower and celery root until softened. I have made it with and without celery root and it tastes better with. -Kim. Drain off any liquid. Transfer to a blender or food processor. This looks absolutely delicious, I plan on making it for a dinner party!