Often I put too much thought and ingredients into meals that are consumed in 10 mins (hehe) and this truly looks delicious and easy!! I put half the avocados in the fridge to slow ripening. I hate lunch, lol! The snacks included in this meal plan (one a day for each person) are Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, pretzels, and string cheese (60 Frigo Cheese Heads sticks for $10.69). She'll then store them in the freezer in a larger freezer bag. This is awesome, thanks. The fact that it clocks in at only 160 calories per serving is an added bonus. One should be sufficient for a family of four with two young children, and the second can be used at a later date. Thank you! Get Email Offers. You're headed in the right direction, but when buying bulk, it's easiest to snag frozen veggies. This is so helpful, thanks! Accompany the main dish with frozen vegetables. You can’t beat $5 for a perfectly cooked rotisserie chicken. This filter is available for mobile and desktop! It’s a 20-page printable with organizing checklists for each room, a 30-day calendar with one area to tackle at a time, and ideas to keep the clutter at bay. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Mostly because it’s simple, healthy AND filling, and as a tired momma with a toddler and a pregnant belly I just need something easy to put in the even these days. Protein is an important factor for building and maintaining muscle and satiety, and requires more energy to burn than other macronutrients, says Clark. Sip your way to satisfaction with refreshing recipes brimming with flavor… not guilt. This pot roast is incredible. I have been in such a dinner rut, and this has been a life saver. Top it off with shredded Parmigiano-Reggiano ($12.99 for 16 ounces of the store brand). haha. And avocados. THANK YOU! Are those cheese quesadillas? My son likes lots of little things, so that’s what I do. I do something similar for the ones at home, or leftovers. The spinach will hold up in the fridge. Can you make a few more lazy girl Costco plans? :), Thank you so much for this post! Thank you so much for your Costco meal plans! The tomato skins will start to dry up at a week and a half, but you can sauté them and they will still be delicious. How Many Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight? Your email address will not be published. So dinners are $70 a week and you are also working on your stockpile. I just got a Costco membership and used this for my meal plan. A half-cup serving of beans contains 25 to 30 percent of your daily fiber requirements—and only 100 calories. Again, milk and coffee figure into the total. Make or serve the oatmeal with milk ($1.85 for a gallon of the Kirkland Signature brand — around four gallons should suffice for the month) and enjoy a cup of coffee. It’s only gained popularity recently. I generally try to plan all of our meals for the entire week. One of which I know at least bought the stuff. This dish calls for Garofalo tri-color pasta (which comes in six 1-pound boxes for $9.69), broccoli florets ($6.49 … How to get a rustic, bleached wood finish, How to paint bathroom tile: floor, shower, backsplash, 1 week schedule to a clean and organized house, $100 board and batten entryway with hooks. We know that nuts can get really pricey, but Costco packages large containers at significantly lower prices than the average store. Are you in? Even my picky Italian husband give it two thumbs up. Instant Pot Lo Mein (Vegan) – 6 Weight Watchers Freestyle Points, Weight Watchers Friendly Zero Point Cheesecake, Weight Watchers Friendly Breakfast Casserole – 1 SP Freestyle. The total cost came to about $520 (prices may vary by store). Came back from a two week trip across 6 time zones with 3 littles and being pregnant and this plan is saving me. Join my newsletter list to be the first to hear our latest news! Call now and start ordering healthy meals online.