Four wheels will give you more control, especially if the wheels are larger. You’ll want a walker that’s stable, even when you’re rolling across rough terrain like a gravel driveway. I decided to write a blog on the Drive Medical Nitro series walker as this line of walkers offers superior quality and meets the needs of most of my customers. Upload. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Walker you should buy. Some walkers have no wheels at all, but if that’s an important feature, you can add them. Crafted with modern engineering, the unique curved frame offers a sleek and contemporary look. Featuring a revolutionary design and eye-catching style, the nitro dlx has exploded onto the rollator scene. One important feature in a walker is storage. Some walkers have two wheels, while others have four. Firm seat, not a loose sling. This award winning line of rollators features HME Medical Shop's Hassle-Free Return Policy, full lifetime warranty on the frame and 5 year warranty on the brakes. Share. They’re just large enough for holding a wallet, smartphone, book and bottle of water or whatever combination of small items you might need. Some walkers have a push-button mechanism that make them easy to close. But you also need a walker that’s comfortable to use. Width is also important in a walker. Look for ergonomic hand grips that will keep you comfortable while you’re using it. The removable storage bag can be a little tricky to get on or off- it may take a little bit of practice before you get the hang of it. Front wheels "toe out," creating balance issues. The removable storage bag is hands-down the most attractive one that we have come across in reviewing three and four-wheel rollators. Brakes are either on or off, no intermediate option. Although the Drive Medical Nitro Walker is more expensive than other models, you'll get more control over rough terrain, thanks to the four-wheel design. The Nitro Walker Rollator is the latest and the best in design and manufacturing from the nation's leading mobility aids company, Drive Medical. Plus, the nitro dlx has a firm, sturdy, and durable seat that separates in the middle to allow the nitro dlx to easily fold to ultra-compact size for storage or transport. The Nitro Rolling Walker by Drive has an attractive and stylish Euro design, making a fashion statement among rolling walkers. Moves easily and is very steerable. Look for one with ergonomic handle grips that are situated at natural angles for more comfort. In addition to weight, the mechanism itself can make it easy to open and close the walker. You can usually find a traditional walker for a much lower price than the versions with seats and storage, but there are walkers with those features that are priced in between the extremes. Great color. Very easy to fold and maneuver. Wheels make a rollator a superior option over a standard walker, eliminating the need to lift the device and allowing you to walk with an easy, smooth gait. Consider both support and portability when looking at the wheels on a walker. This is a pretty simple walker that easily folds with one hand into a compact unit for easy storage. Copyright© 2020 Medical Depot, Inc. dba Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, 99 Seaview Boulevard, Port Washington, NY 11050. And with the built-in seat found on a rollator, you'll always have a convenient place to rest. Maneuvers very well, is light weight and folds easily for storage. In addition, the nitro dlx locates brake cables within the unit's frame for safety and offers quick and easy tool-free adjustment to the handle height and back support. Very stable. This rolling walker is cleverly engineered with a comfortable seat, convenient storage bag, adjustable height handles, and large 10” front casters for seamless rolling. The sturdiness and classy look of this walker come at a price, though, since it weighs 22 pounds.