HOW TO MAKE ESPASOL: Toast the glutinous rice flour until light brown in color. Espasol or Baye-Baye is a cylinder-shaped Filipino rice cake originating from the province of Laguna. Set aside. Bring to a boil. Made of toasted glutinous rice flour cooked in coconut milk. Set aside. Basically, it is made from rice flour cooked in coconut milk and sweetened coconut strips, then dusted with toasted rice flour. That explains the appearance. Cook in low heat for 5 minutes. How to Make Espasol Add toasted sweetened coconut flakes and vanilla. A hearty and healthy snack that only needs 4 basic ingredients. Espasol ingredients: 2 plastic bag glutinous rice flour 2 cans coconut milk 1 can sweet milk Optional jac... "PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEO TO COME! In a separate pan, toast the sweetened coconut flakes. This delicacy comes in many shapes including thin shaped, elongated and tubular shape. In a wok, combine coconut milk and sugar. The recipe below is a basic mix of glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and salt, but feel free to add shredded macapuno or buko for added texture. Espasol Recipe Espasol is a Filipino sticky rice delicacy. Continue stirring in medium heat for 5 minutes. ! There are already several ways of having your espasol ready. Espasol is a native delicacy made from glutinous rice flour, shredded coconut and coconut milk then rolled in toasted rice flour.