Looking forward to your e-mail. Therefore, I request you to look into this issue and replace the faulty shoes with a brand new one of the same type. Ashwin Patel (President, Nature Club). But, I fear, my overall score in the Board Exam may be affected due to getting less percentage in Biology. I am quite confident that my entry would bag the first prize in the contest. Thanking you, Yours sincerely Ramcharan Mohapatra (Head Boy). It becomes very dark and unsafe after evenings. Sahil Maurya has Registered for 11th on Wednesday 25 November 2020 at 04:24 PM, who is a Student. – visitors from any country you want Answer: 102, Rai Mansion Bajrang Nagar Kanpur 4th April, 20XX, The Editor The Times of India Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Subject Poor Sanitary Conditions in Gokul Dham Colony. Thanking you. In addition, I have a total of 10 years’ experience in various 5-Star Hotels. FOR INFORMAL LETTER WRITING TOPICS IN HINDI CLICK HERE! My students have been consistently giving very good academic results ever since I joined. Body The body is where you actually write the message that you want to send. Concerned authorities are not responding actively as they were contacted by citizens several times. Concerned citizens are raising their voice. You are Anvay/Anaaya living in 362, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi. Taking the students to some fair, seminar etc. I have taught spanish in MNO School of Spanish Learning for two years. Yet many people park their vehicles in front of shops and on roads. 4. As you know that this is the time when children play on the road and elderly go for an evening walk. Write a letter to the Manager, Dhanpati & Sons, Chennai, cancelling the order. Class IX Roll-01. Ma’am It gives me a great honour to invite you on behalf of my school to be the Chief Guest on the Annual Day Celebration of our Nature Club. In turn, we will give publicity to your company by printing its name on the pamphlets and banners. You are disturbed to watch the portrayal of women in TV serials. Samples of Letter to Principal 1. Respected Ma’am I am a student of class X-D of your school. Marking Scheme Format : 3 marks Body : 1 mark—Two complaints (1/2 accumulation of garbage + 1/2 drains remain waterlogged) 1 mark—Two suggestions (1/2 drains need to be clean + 1/2 set up of health camp) Expression : 5 marks, Business letters are a basic means of communication between companies or even among the different departments in a company. This out of the pocket expenditure cannot be bore for so long. Write a letter to the Editor of a local daily expressing your views on this issue. In the examination, it consists of 10 marks weightage. It must be written in a strictly formal and precise manner. Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. You are Kamini/Kamal of 10, Civil Lines Extension, Chanakyapuri, Agra. Write a letter to the Commissioner of Police requesting him to stop the loud music being played by some anti-social elements in your locality. Besides this, degradation of values and too much of wealth and opulence teaches youngsters to acquire quick wealth through fair or foul means. The patients will also be provided with the necessary medicines. Write a letter to the Municipal Commissioner explaining the problem, the danger it poses and suggest a quick solution. Dear Mr Sharma We are the residents of Siddhartha Nagar. 495 ‘Gautam Villa’ Pragati Colony Vellore, Karnataka 9th December, 20XX, The Manager Front Office The Oberoi Udayvilas Udaipur, Rajasthan, Subject Enquiry about Tariffs and Availability of Rooms. college. You are Nita Sharma, residing at A-406, Vasundhra Apartments, Ghaziabad. Supreme Court’s latest verdict on the law against molestation of women is relieving. Vendors have illegally occupied corners. It has become impossible to live here because of the smell it produces. Your support in this matter would be highly appreciated. Write an application to the principal for starting extra classes for Math and English. This matter needs urgent action from honest media persons as well as investigation agencies. Question 5. Your identity, qualifications and the post you want to apply for. Date and Receiver’s Address While writing date, always remember the day is written in figures, month in words and year in full figures.