In fact, quite the opposite. 2 YouTube Brand Lift Campaign Data, Google Pixel Grammy campaign (Google Preferred and TrueView), Brand awareness lift among adults 45–54, Jan. 2018. “Marketing has always been about putting the consumer at the center of everything we do. What data do they particularly trust? Following IKEA, which launched the AR-application for “fitting” its furniture to the interiors back in 2016, large retailers are pulling in with a similar AR-option for online shopping. It all starts with a consumer insight. “When we tell people that, they get it – it resonates with them,” he said. To devise a new brand message that would set it up for the next decade and beyond, Google put two teams on the job – Chow’s product marketers and its internal Brand Studio. If video advertising became more action-oriented this past year, it’s in large part due to evolving consumer behavior. How does one differ from the other? If they didn’t click, the offer was gone forever. There is competitive advantage in integrating data-driven marketing strategies. Online resources, social networks, and mobile applications work in conjunction, “picking up” the consumer in time and making their interaction with the brand smooth and continuous. You can have the most compelling, action-inspiring ad, but if you’re not serving it up to the right people, it’s unlikely to achieve the direct response goals you’re after. “It just reinforced this idea that people see us as one company with multiple products, rather than a group of apps with [their own brands]," he explained. Now that video advertising can work harder for your brand than ever before, make it a goal to leverage its full value in 2019. When retail changes at the pace of technology and digitalization, it is essential to innovate and look for the next business opportunity. Think with Google APAC. Nearly 10 years later, he’s working on bringing the company's product brands back together again under “one unified umbrella” – a ‘Parisian Girl’ part II for the era of apps, hardware, AR and mobile. What other industry disruptions and developments will impact on digital marketing strategies in EMEA in 2019? As a result, digital marketers will be deepening their collaborations with creators, influencers, content specialists, and publishers to deliver better quality content.”. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Hit the C-suite spot. It gives advice on the design of rooms in different styles and helps to find suitable products in the company catalogue. At the same time you can choose what kind of music will play inside by putting a song in the Starbucks playlist. “In 2019 we will provide actionable structure to this principle, by sharing what we call the ‘The 5As model of data-driven marketing’: audience, assets, access, attribution, and automation,” says Maite Gomez Fraile, Google Spain Industry Head. Based on your location, we recommend you check out this version of the page instead: Video has always been a powerful way to advertise, but until recently, that power was limited to driving mass reach, brand awareness, and consideration. Its ‘marketing’ team first came together at a press conference in 1999 when the company’s original goal – to organize the world’s information – was defined as a mission statement and sold to the world. Bots are also increasingly used in all types of interactions between brands and potential customers. So how can brands adapt their video strategies in 2019 to capitalize on these new consumer behaviors and technologies? Google Marketing Strategy #3 - Quality to Create a Society of High Authority Offering a quality product or service is the most important requirement from the start. Now we have the technology and the data volumes to start making that vision a reality.”. Amazon, Alibaba, eBay,, and Zalando now capture most of the growth and elevate customers’ perceptions of what good looks like. This sentiment has led Google to reassess its overarching marketing approach. Search 2,345 jobs in marketing, advertising, creative and media. 1 Yoox Campaign Data, U.S./Italy/Japan/Korea, Nov.–Dec. But their opinion may change with the advent of a new generation of AI chatbots. live online broadcasts overtake all other online video trends, Marketing wisdom from around the world to inspire you in 2019. So how do you cut through the noise to make sure your video ad stands out and drives action? When ordering through the application, special algorithms calculate the travel time to the nearest coffee shop so that the drink is prepared for the arrival of the user. Actually, as we discovered, many video viewers crave something more interactive. “In MENA, campaign content will continue to transform from a single asset with multiple edits to a variety of assets that are more personalised and relevant to the viewer. “In 2019 we will provide actionable structure to this principle, by sharing what we call the ‘The 5As model of data-driven marketing’: audience, assets, access, attribution, and automation,” says Maite Gomez Fraile, Google … Google position itself based on value-based position strategy as it’s their service which is making the lif… Chow said early measurement of the campaign has shown “positive signals of success” of both brand perception and product usage. You can check and replenish them from your smartphone or desktop, on the website, in a mobile application or directly in a coffee shop. Google is an American multinational technology company providing Internet-related services such as search, online advertising, cloud computing, software and hardware. Much of this time they will spend watching online video. ‘Why does Google market Google?’ could easily have been an alternative. Holding events to support, inform, challenge and advise. Another example is Coca-Cola who recently sponsored a branded application for AR broadcasts from NASCAR racing. "We have a very strong brand, but it's important that we tell that brand story and almost remind people about the Google that they love.”.