Though no one dares to go near the time portal, Emma and Hook end up going to the past where they recreate a past meeting between Prince Charming and Snow White. "Oh, I don't need a reminder that you owe me a favor. After Regina manages to defeat the Fury that was plaguing the town, she and the others cool off at Granny's Diner, where Henry sees Violet marveling the jukebox. When back in Storybrooke, Regina took Henry down to her secret vault where she concocted a potion to make her forget all her troubles, meaning that, for all she knows, she and Henry would live happily ever after. Finding a truck was difficult but Newhouse found one at the condition to be a 20% associate. However, before the date could commence, Zelena was kidnapped by Rumple and Pan, and now Hades wants the heroes' help getting her back. Emma creates a magic forgery for her to use, but Regina knows that it won't fool Gold, opting to take a photo instead since all the villains care about is what the door looks like, not knowing its true function. Soon, however, events transpire and Emma is forced to become the new Dark One after the power escapes Rumple. On the drive over, Henry fills Emma in on the story of the Dark Curse, cast by the Evil Queen, and how it imprisoned all the fairytale characters in his town, in a daze, frozen in time, with their happy endings ripped from them. After Emma restored his memory, Henry helps Emma rescue Hook after he is sent to the Underworld for sacrificing himself to save everyone. When asked she said that the only thing she heard about Firehouse 51 was that they all live together. Henry is dishonest when Archie asks him about why he skipped their session and is advised against being untruthful. Rumple aims his sword at Henry, but Regina jumps in front of him just in time to take on the hit herself, opting to save Henry instead of pursuing Robin. Amidst the good news, he tells Regina that they need help from her mother. Aside from that, he hasn't found much, but she encourages him to keep at it. Otis returns to active duty in "The Strongest Among Us", having fully recovered from his injuries, and butts heads with Kidd over who gets to drive Truck 81. ("Ruby Slippers"), Following Snow's departure, Hades ensures none of the other heroes, including Henry, can leave the Underworld, by creating tombstones for them. ("The Final Battle Part 2"), Sometime after peace resumes in Storybrooke, Henry walks with both of his mothers to the school bus stop, where they each take turns kissing him goodbye. Later, however, Henry descends the stairs having written about something else... his uncle. ("Kansas"), Finally finding the perfect apartment listing in town for them, Henry shows it to Emma, who avoids the topic and asks him to help her parents pick a name for her new baby brother. Weaver then demands Henry reveal what is in his apron, which Henry follows through with, and to the surprise of both of them, it's the keychain. Occupation: He then tells his birth mother about this, and Emma plots with Mary Margaret to shatter Henry's belief in the curse by getting the teacher - who's allegedly Snow White - to read a story to Charming. They rush back to the hospital only to discover John Doe disappeared the previous night. The mother and son then drive away from town as the Queen's memory spell takes effect. They proceed to put Henry to sleep on the couch where he remains. Tamara ensures Henry they will not hurt him, to which he replies they will hurt everyone he loves, and just tried to destroy his hometown.