For more severe battles, he's able to detect how dangerous the fight will be. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Make certain to leave a comment on about How strong is Goku’s capacity in your views and how he may improve later on. To get on his good side, they hold feasts for Beerus with an attempt to spare their world. After being enraged by Buu's greed, Beerus was ready to destroy Earth. We don't know what period this happened. In a rage, he destroyed a majority of the planet. After destroying the planet, Whis used his Temporal Do-Over abilities. Demigra is one such villain who attempted to use Dark Magic to control Beerus. Frieza caused many issues for the Z-Fighter team. I wonder how the board will react if Sailor Galaxia defeats Beerus in the next Death Battle. How Strong Is Goku Planet Buster. Debo's experience likely inspired Toriyama to develop the God of Destruction. Her favorite franchises include The Witcher, Demon's/Dark Souls, and Dynasty Warriors. Training for eons has helped as well, making him almost an unstoppable force against the Z-Fighters. How Strong Is Goku in Dragon Ball Super Episode Series? Lord Beerus is literally a god. This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. It could explain how dinosaurs ended up back on Earth after Beerus initially destroyed them. Respect. He had no complaints about the food but wanted to be more relaxed. Nebulae are many light-years wide so on the off chance that we expect this was a moderately little one and they didn’t need to go through every last bit of it. - Kenpachi Zaraki, the Captain of Squad Eleven, psn WENDELLKOBE; Vegeta:Say goodbye to ur planet Kakorott! He is angered once he realizes the food is too greasy. Though most agree with Whis, Beerus believes he did the galaxy a favor. (ANIME ONLY). The Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama features a wide variety of characters. ; Vegeta: OF COURSE NOT IM ******** EVIL!!!! Sometimes this amuses him, as someone not close enough to his own is just child's play. The villains of Dragon Ball immediately draw in viewers. Power levels are a big deal in the Dragon Ball series. Though some threats don’t deserve such harsh punishments, not every God is perfect in the world of Dragon Ball. They were rude to him, so he made them instinct. Beerus’ motivations are unclear, which make him an intriguing, yet frightening, villain. His travels have taken him to different planets and worlds. So how about we expect this was anything but an expansive piece of their voyage, which was 26-27 minutes relying upon your name. The Shinjin is a respectful race, and Beerus keeps his distance. Plus, if he destroyed Earth, Beerus would never get to taste pudding. They broke the sword and freed Old Kai from his metal prison. As a result of his preparation and aptitude, Goku can travel all around rapidly while battling and rationally stay aware of his own attacks just as his enemies. Beerus may be quick to turn an argument into a fist fight, but he always pays respect to those who have earned it. Goku has beaten villains who are stronger than him. Old Kai managed to anger the God of Destruction. Beerus used his power to seal Old Kai in the Z Sword and sealed it in stone. He witnessed his best friend Krillin be destroyed, and his emotions went haywire. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Is he a God or is he beyond God’s level yet? Funded by … Beerus would later speak to Frieza about the event. Gowasu knows about Beerus' destructive behavior. Beerus doesn’t have to do anything while Goku has to work six times as hard to be considered a worthy foe. Beerus’ motivations are unclear, which make him an intriguing, yet frightening, villain. Beerus’ powerful sneezes even have the ability to destroy suns. It caused Beerus to unleash a powerful sneeze. Beerus tricked Demigra by displaying glowing eyes and an aura, which replicated the God of the Demon Realm's technique. Goku and the Kaioshin also have this ability, but Beerus has fine-tuned his. A sneeze may seem normal, but Beerus is the God of Destruction. Jiren would defeat Beerus. Beerus has lived for millions of years. Beerus has high standards when it comes to the food he consumes. "Broly possibly stronger than Beerus" That statement hasn't aged well. Even if an enemy can’t be easily destroyed, the Z-Fighters will still do their best to protect Earth. Goku has battled rivals fit for pulverizing the hold planetary system before with their Ki. Why are people denying Broly is probably stronger then Beerus? Beerus the God of Destruction Madara the Destructive God.Edo Madara vs BoG BeerusStatements are on. 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Beerus may be the God of Destruction, but that doesn’t mean his powers were instantly granted to him. Though Piccolo is one of the few Z-Fighters that stands out on his own, the other characters don’t shine on their own until they transform into Super Saiyan mode. Upon seeing the God of Destruction, Shenron is visibly scared. He thinks that greasy food is unhealthy and can cause bodies to become sluggish. Required fields are marked *, © - Dragon Ball Super Season 2. Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. They’re not just looking to steal candy from a baby. There are a few obvious ones. as the dragon ball franchise develops Goku just continues becoming more stronger. Beerus couldn’t destroy the Old Kai, so he found another way to silence the elder. There is no denying that Goku is one is of the most powerful characters in all of dragon ball anime and Manga. Lord Beerus is one of the most powerful enemies to appear in the Dragon Ball series. He sleeps for decades at a time to regain his strength for more destruction. Though Beerus didn't really like Goku and his friends, he did like Earth food. Want to get to know more about Beerus (without getting hurt)? Beerus was so angry that he threw Buu into a nearby lake. Beerus most likely had respect for Goku after the battle and allowed him to live. Beerus has purple fur and unique feline features that make him stand out from the rest of the cast. During what they call a “trifling” argument, Beerus became enraged by the older Kai. That's why they have Bulma serving Beerus good food to … He can identify another being's intent to destroy. lol classic. While Goku doesn’t fly around the universe destroying planets arbitrarily. Beerus said Vegeta was strong enough to be a GoD Even then, these are only statements, not actual evidence of them having occured, except for the arm wrestling and manga only, however Whis trained Beerus so he would know how strong Beerus is, so its more fact than a guess with his KK statement. Goku is one of the strongest fighters in the series. Beerus' Planet (ビルスの星, Birusu no Hoshi) with its primary location being Beerus' Castle (ビルスの城, Birusu no Shiro),1 is the home of the God of Destruction Beerus and his attendant Whis.1 1 Overview 2 Notable Locations 3 Video Game Appearances 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 References 7 Site Navigation Beerus' planet is in the living world, as opposed to the Other World.