Most recipes using homemade yeast need at least 8 hours to rise, but usually it’s more like 12-18 hours, depending on the recipe. I have been trying to create sour dough mother since fall last year with zero luck but my home is kept at 69 degrees max and a gas oven pius I have been very ill also. You may be wondering why you’d want to make your own yeast when you can buy it already made in the grocery store. It’s actually possible to grow your own yeast at home. To make a fruit-based yeast, place your fruit in the bottom of your clean jar, then add your two tablespoons of sugar to the jar to help speed up the fermentation process. If you’ve ever picked plums, elderberries, grapes, or other similar fruit, that white film that covers them is natural yeast. Making your own yeast for baking bread is easy. You would probably need to find a pizza dough recipe that is specifically designed for homemade sourdough yeast. If you live in a hot and dry climate, you may just be able to cover it with a cheese cloth and place in the sun. If you’re using dry yeast, try just doubling the amount to start).Make your own yeast at home and feel the benefits of it. Then I put it in a mason jar in the freezer to keep it preserved in a way that doesn’t require me to keep on feeding it. What would you think would be the minimum amount to keep it alive and well on the counter and in the fridge? May I please know if I can keep the yeast in refrigerator after 6 days. I hope the bread turns out well for you! A slightly warm place is good, since that helps to speed up the process, but I’ve found that keeping the starter out of continual direct sunlight is beneficial. Thank you. Simply take a cup and a half of the potato water, add a tablespoon of sugar, and stir in flour until stiff. Again, thank you so much for your efforts. Hi Teri! Have you noticed the cost effectiveness of having to feed the yeasts frequently compared to buying yeasts at the grocery store? As long as your starter remains active, you can continue using it and feeding it for as long as you want. Didn’t work. I’m going to make pitas soon and I’m curious about wether this yeast would be great in them. When I first made mine I think it took 4-5 days if I’m remembering correctly. This is the bread recipe I usually use (it’s adapted from one I found in an old cookbook): If you’re planning on baking with it within the next couple of days, then it would be best to leave it out on the counter until you use it. In the summer time when the weather is warm, my dough usually rises in about 12 hours. I hope your bread turns out well for you! THIS RECIPE is a really good one for a classic round loaf, and it’s super easy to follow! It is suppose to be 1/4 cup flour and 1/4 cup water. Do you have any donut recipes using this homemade yeast? You’ll probably only need to follow these steps to create a yeast starter one time, and then you’ll be all set until well after the grocery shelves are fully stocked again. You’re welcome And I usually keep the cheesecloth on mine all the time when I have it out on the counter just to keep stuff from falling into the jar or flies getting in, etc. Hi Sarah, I’ve actually never tried using honey before. So, you can continue to feed and grow the remainder yeast for a long time? If you feed it several times a week, though, then it might end up costing a bit more than store bought yeast does (and the cost of your flour would matter too, so if you used more expensive flour than that could make the cost go up.) And how often should I feed it in refrigerator. Thanks for the idea and I hope that the bread I make is healthier for our family. It sound like your yeast is very active! On the first day, i feed my starter a lot of flour, so it became dense. This is the information you need to build comprehensive food storage for a rainy day. If you’re trying to incorporate a more natural, health-conscious diet into your life, there are many things you can make at home rather than purchasing from the store that can benefit your body. Do the same thing for another day or two. Rather than trying to save it, I decided to use my backup sourdough starter (which was actually part of the original starter, so in a sense I’m still using the same starter even though the backup was in the freezer for awhile.) In the warm weather, this usually only takes about 12 hours, but in the winter time it usually takes longer. When I make bread, I usually follow a sourdough bread recipe, and I prepare the dough the night before. Reply. I stopped using recipes and measurements for bread a long time ago.