Estimate the daily, monthly, & yearly costs of operating your hydroponics system and your systems grow lighting. Hydroponics Grow Setup Cost Calculator. 1, 50,000/-Investment Cost per Plant Grow Period = Rs. Depends upon what is small scale and the choice of technology, outer structure, and growing units. As a result, a low-end nutrient cost for a nine-week ebb and flow hydroponics crop is $324.00. A totally indoor farm with complete lightings and automation can go upto 50 L for 1000–2000 sq F. We had created a high end but small 300 sq. 1, 29,600/-Gross Income per annum = Rs. Setup: This hydroponic system is designed to be super easy to set up right out of the box.The bucket-style system just needs to be filled with water, connected to the air pump, and the growing media added to the lid. Setting up a Hydroponic system is not hard at all, you can even build it up yourself if you like handy works, it will save you a lot of money and it’s really fun to do. As per hydroponics success stories in India, one of the experienced hydroponic growers briefed hydroponic farming setup cost in India can be estimated as his story, he started with a small 300 sqft indoor hydroponic farm that cost approximately Rs 4 lakh. View/Use Hydroponic Grow Setup Cost Calculator. However, for the novice hydroponics enthusiast its best to follow the feeding charts provided by nutrient companies. Low-cost hydroponic systems are great for those just learning hydroponics or only have a small area for a garden. There are several options when looking for cheap hydroponic systems under $150. After some market research, findings show one of the most affordable feeding schedules comes in at about $324.00. 5, 40,000/-Profit Income per annum on a one-fourth acre of Hydroponic Tomato Cultivation = Rs. 4, 10,400/- One Time Investment Setup Cost = Rs. Though these systems are cheap, it doesn’t mean they won’t work well. Last week, we had covered the cost for setting up a polyhouse in an area of one Acre and arrived at a figure of between 28 L to 48 L. This week, we will try to arrive at a ballpark figure for setting up the hydroponic grow structures. The reservoir will hold 2 gallons of water at a time, and you'll have no problem getting the garden up and running within 15 minutes. Cheap hydroponics systems can be simple to use and produce great results. The right hydroponics supplies will offer an extensive selection of hydroponic and indoor growing equipment and other products, including hydroponic, grow lights, hydroponic systems, plant nutrients and additives and grow tents, in short, anything and everything that you could require growing your favorite plants successfully. Simply enter the average daily consumption of both your hydroponics system and the grow lighting used for the system.