Stormcast are alive. Are you tweeting to MoM? Page 1 of 3 - Legion of the Damned + Ferrus Manus - posted in + SPACE MARINES +: Well in the Fall of Cadia thread it was hinted by Atia that a silver armed Giant as part of the LotD. I like the sound of it. Things are not always as they seem. Please try to be polite. Also, from Fall of Cadia, regarding the Legion of the Damned: "Not all forces within the Immaterium bend their knee to the dark designs of Chaos". In addition, … Ok I think that Sucks . The Emperor's power, is Chaos power, or as we know it, Warp Power. Within can be see flickers/images of those marines that died loyal to him and one, paraphrasing 'with arms of molten silver' or some such. Does Fall of Cadia make any reference to Ferrus Manus? Now, we only see mention of this Ferrus in the Webway/ Warp etc in his Father's presence - so just like a Daemon Price he more than likely needs incredible power to manifest etc. Emperor is made of Souls, Souls that had been getting eaten by Warp Entities. ^^. Whenever the Legion of the Damned appears on the field of battle, it does so without warning. The old lore about the Legion of the Damned being the survivors of the Fire Hawks wasn't ambiguous. I hadn't heard that until now. I'll stick with the Fire Hawks, thanks. My mod voice is a means to an end. Flash forward to 40K, how does Logan harm Magnus? Emperor is a psyker, and uses the Warp (like every other existing Psyker). At the end, a LotD Ferrus would be 10000 times more impressive than any of the other options (clone, robot, dreadnought, chaos-zombie, ....). It was always my opinion that Primarchs could never truly die since they are part warp merged with real matter, this seemed even more likely when you consider that when Ferrus dies you literally see the warp part spill out. So, for those who have the digital Fallof Cadia book or have heard about it, are we shown who the giant warrior in baroque armour is? There are many like it, but this one is mine. Either way it would be nice if GW actually put an army on the table and allowed you to have a legion of the damned army with Ferrus at it's head. Legion of the Damned are, unquestionably, the Fire Hawks, backed up by multiple sources. I actually dont mind it, at all. Back than we all thought the bit about the. So when Ferrus dies, this part of him goes back to the big E and he uses it to create an avatar to fight for him in the webway? I think we both agree here, except perhaps on the Warp having a 'safe place' being tapped into. . I don't see the issue here. I rather like how they are portrayed in Rob Sanders LotD . Actually if one where so silly as to fly/sail directly at the largest warp entity/storm they saw within the warp? A Khorne powered Axe. Hi The Emperor already has daemons established in lore. Now, I know that the early HH books introduced the concept of worship of the Emperor having actual results, just like we see with Faith in 40K via the Sisters, but to me and my own head canon, its premature thats all, in 40K though its fine. 'Faith' power is dependant upon either the God-Emperor OR just the plain old Warp, a type of group based psyker power. Therefore, Faith is based on Warp Power, ironically to the Imperium (not us, we should know this) the same power as Chaos/Orks/Eldar use. The timelines presented through 3rd edition, though often misread, supported the Fire Hawks origin. Get your daily news, rumours and hobby stuff, My WIP Thread (30k, Kill Team, Necromunda and ADEPTUS TITANICUS!). But I do like the origin of the LotD being Isstvan much better, and I always thought of them having some connection to the Emperor whether its as lesser daemons and lets be honest that cap fits or something else. I love that concept! The brotherhood shared by the Primarchs Fulgrim and Ferrus Manus, the Phoenician and the Gorgon, was well known in the Imperium at the time of the Great Crusade, as the two superhuman leaders formed an instant connection upon their first meeting. And come on some of the stuff from some of the heresy books is corny just as some of the 40k books . It's even cooler if you consider that Ferrus' death also gave birth to a certain Keeper of Secrets^^. Edited by Kelborn, 08 January 2017 - 10:07 PM. Cause there are so e who doubt that these shades / whatever were the. The Chaos Gods are made by/of what the majority of the usable Warp is. Also - I think the last codex for LotD already made the "firehawks" fluff questionable, including major battles that date back to a time before the badab war afaik ... Edited by Atia, 09 January 2017 - 03:43 PM. But go on why don't you like the idea? I can easily see this as being the God-Emperor's (not 30K Emperor here, this is 10000 years of Worship, Suffering, Sacrifice, and soul fuel from the Sanction leading to a new being) realm. Edited by Sete, 08 January 2017 - 08:16 PM. Edited by Sete, 08 January 2017 - 09:19 PM. I've heard of it but never fully read it, was in wrath of iron or something? I have not read MoM yet so I have no info to process regarding that. The banner the legion leave behind is a flaming Aquila (bird on fire - fire hawk), they leave behind fire hawk gear and bodies, and they're backed up by the star fort Raptorus Rex, not to mention that to be part of the cursed 21st founding, there really has to be more than "all hands lost in a warpstorm". It was fairly clearly explained based on evidence left by the Legion of the Damned. (Side note with SoB again I agree that the Acts of Faith are warp based again from the Emperor. Remember the Ultramarines novels? There are older things than the chaos gods in the depths of the warp. The Dreamer bit shows that she goes to a realm without emotion, which is a clear contrast of … Several functions may not work. Makes you wonder what other sub-factions could be biding their time in the Warp . As to the Anathema as Anti-Chaos in power, that idea has no basis in fact. Unless you have a way to show otherwise its a pretty clear line. Now we have 2 options. They inhabit it and are part of it, but there is a lot more to it. They are just the Emperor pulling Daemon invasion (LotD) or granting boons (Faith) based on worship, exactly like a Warp God should (Chaos, Gork/Mork). Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: David Johnston (Brother Argos) and the Bolter and Chainsword, As mentioned in the N+R thread, this would approve my version of the Emperors death I wrote so pretty well. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. I've pretty much had my fill of the forums already today. In 40K, the concept that a God-Emperor could do these things makes total sense. Now this Dreamer bit is new and interesting, I agree. I understand there is a suggestion in Master of Mankind but in the 40k universe, anything about this in the new fluff? :]. I have some legion of the damned but not painted them, I also have Veteran Sergeant Centurius to it would be nice to put them to use. Greetings We all know only one being that description fits. Edited by WoT, 09 January 2017 - 04:20 PM. The Firetide (eternal battle of angels vs daemons at the border of Astronomican light and Eye of Terror), the Astronomican spirit in the Talon of Horus. Can someone spoiler tag the bit regarding Ferrus? Have you read the Path of Heaven? To me, the kinds of things we see with LotD, and the Sisters, those are manifestations of Faith, which is really just another way of saying manifestations of Warp Power. While it is more than likely a "cool thing that they can build on if they wanted" plot hook - the possibilities are awesome. I dont think it works that way, as the Webway was lost to humanity for most purposes. Edited by Sete, 08 January 2017 - 09:41 PM. Granted, some hobbyists might dislike the notion because of their views on the Warp and/or the Legion of the Damned, but we don't need to focus on the sideshow that is the Warp. Your friend today is your enemy tomorrow. I was under the impression that they were travelling trough the "depths" of the warp. . It was just what I picked on in the post Atia made it was totally new to me so I started the topic outside the N&R section. The new implications of, + Proudly lead farming since 8th edition +, Get your daily news, rumours and hobby stuff. NP, I dont have to like it all. This is my mod voice. However, I'm slowly warming to the idea that the Legion of the Damned might be something other than, or perhaps more than, the Fire Hawks. They feel fear, hunger, cold. I do believe its premature, but thats because in my own head canon there is a difference between the Emperor of 30K, and the God-Emperor of 40K. In 40K, I prefer him to be near Warp God, and this has some canonical references with his potential death and rebirth as the Star Child, or simply being released from his bonds on the Throne to ascend.