Oh, and I love the free updates. The Long/Short Hedge Fund List contains detailed contact information for more than 530 Long/Short Equity hedge funds throughout the world including, the US, UK, Switzerland, China, Japan, and more. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon have consistently been among the top 10 hedge fund picks over the last 8 years since we started publishing our quarterly newsletter. It’s been less than 3 months and my new free stock pick is currently trading at $9.80. Insider Monkey shorted the market at the end of February, and reversed most of its short trades by March 25th. That would have been 9.35% in hedge fund “fees”. Actually Warren Buffett failed to beat the S&P 500 Index in 1958, returned only 40.9% and pocketed 8.7 percentage of it as “fees”. What an amazing resource. We initially share this idea in October 2018 and the stock already returned more than 150%. For example S&P 500 Index returned 43.4% in 1958. There are numerous hedge fund strategies and sub-strategies that exist within the hedge fund universe. Lookback: Wedgewood Partners 2019 Tractor Supply Company (TSCO) Thesis. The majority of these stocks aren’t traditional value stocks. See: Eligibility for a Canadian Hedge Fund Award. Download this detailed list of L/S hedge fund managers in .xls (Excel) and .csv format. HedgeLists.com provides a variety of hedge fund lists and lists of other asset managers. Warren Buffett has been investing and compounding for at least 65 years. This has been a fantastic year for nimble investors whereas traditional value investors with sluggish and backward-looking investment styles fared poorly. We are constantly updating our lists. If you have questions or would like to be sure your fund is included, please click on the Contact Us page and give us a call or send us an email. 2020 Directory of Canadian Hedge Funds. Scotiabank Canadian Hedge Fund Index. The fund seeks to return a similar performance as its underlying index, the IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Index. All this information in Excel. 13th Annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards – and 1st Ever Virtual Event! An increase of more than 50% in less than 3 months. It is important for investors to understand these basic concepts before they get into hedge fund investing. 12th Annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards Gala Dinner and THE 2019 Canadian Hedge Fund Conference, Eligibility for a Canadian Hedge Fund Award, East Coast Investment Grade Fund II (Arrow), Marret Enhanced Tactical Fixed Income Fund, Picton Mahoney Diversified Strategies Fund, Average Performance As Of December 31, 2019, Global Macro/Managed Futures/Multi-Strategy, Ewing Morris Flexible Fixed Income Fund LP, Marret Investment Grade Hedged Strategies Fund, Ninepoint Credit Income Opportunities Fund, Broadview Dark Horse LP (Ewing Morris & Co.), Globevest Capital Alternative Growth Fund, Hillsdale Canadian Long/Short Equity Fund, Quintessence Wealth Enhanced Long/Short Total Return Fund, Altema Diversified Equity Market Neutral Fund, Picton Mahoney Market Neutral Equity Fund, Capstone Non-Traditional Equity Pool Fund, CIBC Multi-Asset Absolute Return Strategy, FDP Alternative Strategies Private Portfolio, Fieldhouse Second Phase US Systematic Long/Short Equity, Franklin K2 Multi-Strategy Alternatives Fund, J. Zechner Associates Inc. We are so confident our hedge fund lists provide the best value, if within 30 days of your purchase you find a list with essentially the same information for a better price, we will issue you a 100% refund. It isn’t too late to buy this stock. Then, we predicted the ensuing market rally. I rarely share my stock picks publicly. The simple strategy I am talking about is hedge funds’ top 10 stock picks. His investors didn’t mind that he underperformed the market in 1958 because he beat the market by a large margin in 1957. I am going to share with you a very simple investment strategy that outperformed the dumb S&P 500 Index ETF (SPY) by 121 percentage points since 2015. Immediately upon completing your purchase you will be directed to a download link for your list. . In the same report you can also find a detailed bonus biotech stock pick that we expect to return more than 50% within 12-24 months. S&P 500 Index generated an average annual compounded return of only 9.2% during the same 10-year period. More than half of all investors invest in dumb index funds because they were made to believe that they can’t outperform the market by stock selection (or they are forced to invest in index funds in their companies’ retirement accounts).