However, when it comes to beauty, every detail matters. Amy Hoover Makeup Mirrors, LoveToKnow. From tabletop, wall-mounted to full length freestanding illuminated mirrors there’s a Hollywood mirror to suit every space. It features a tri-fold design that makes it convenient to carry and easily protects the inner surfaces from scratch and dust while not in use. How to Do Natural Makeup, Real Simple. Loves. This cordless lighted mirror comes equipped with 4 x AA batteries, so you can start using it right out of the box. 2. You can either place the mirror on a dressing table or, using a suction cup on its base, attach it to any non-porous surface, be it a larger mirror or a tiled bathroom wall. Laura Clark-Jeavons, Assistant Producer, TOWIE. We have a vast range of illuminated mirrors, guaranteed to inject some sparkle and glamour into your life and put you centre stage. The LED light bulbs give you better lighting for applying your makeup and styling your hair, making you feel like a star. Imagine a makeup mirror with a lighting just as bright as you need at this very moment, a surface large enough to apply cosmetics and do your hair, and a handy magnification spot mirror for seeing the tiniest details on your face. Easy adjustment thanks to a comfortable sensor switch. From hand-crafting to super-fine finishing we use only the most reliable techniques to make our beautiful mirrors. 54. Westbury Trading Estate JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. While our online catalogue is impressive, you may want a bespoke Hollywood mirror. It is a truly space-saving accessory that is always at hand. More info. Thanks to a handy storage tray built into the Zacro makeup mirror stand, you will have the necessary accessories always at hand. 4.9 out of 5 stars (9) Total ratings 9, 100% agree - Would recommend. Jody Morse How to Choose a Magnified Makeup Mirror, Leaf. It features three light… And if you are looking for a handy and efficient manicure device, you might find one in our nail drills review. Free Shipping on Orders Over $39. What it does: This mirror has speakers that can connect to your phone via bluetooth to play your favourite songs and it also has a USB charger port. Very good price. Its reliable suction cup leaves no residue or marks on surfaces. Some models have ergonomic extras like several lighting modes, touch controls, and even a smaller portable magnifying mirror with suction cups on its back. The lights can be adjusted through a smart touch screen. Putting on cosmetics might seem an easy task. Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights - 3 Color Lighting Modes 72 LED Trifold Mirror, Touch Contro… And in that case, that type of shopper would want a vanity mirror that, in addition to providing optimal lighting, could also supply other features, like Bluetooth connectivity. Britains next top models, "Our girls were always camera - ready thanks to these gorgeous mirrors! But, beyond their glamorous connotations, what can light-up mirrors actually do to help improve application? As the switch sticks out, it might accidentally turn on in your bag. Some of our mirrors also feature ambient lighting and Bluetooth speakers, so you can put on your favourite tracks and relax while you get dolled up. The Zacro ZLM1 cosmetic mirror is not only functional but also very beautifully made. Why we love it: It's amazing to see what you'd look like in warm and cool toned light before heading out of the house - 'cos you can ensure your makeup look will look great whether you're in the office or on a dinner date. We use only the finest materials for our frames and ensure faultless operation by specifying the best quality technology. Hollywood mirrors now with Bluetooth® audio. Uhhh, help—they're all ridiculously cute? 9. The other thing you may want to pay attention to while choosing a makeup mirror is its power source. Think about where you like to apply your makeup. Simulating the natural colour spectrum of sunlight, the Tru-lux light system will help you put on your ideal makeup. mirrors out there! We make beautiful mirrors for people who care about quality. What it does: You might be alarmed by the price tag but this mirror can recreate the lighting of literally any place on earth, no joke. For example, if you prefer primping in your bathroom, a wall-mounted vanity mirror is a must. Prepared to stick a crystal in my bra to see if it works. Doxungo Creative 2-in-1 Make Up Mirror, £33.01, Amazon. It comes with 1x to 7x magnification modes. First of all, it is usually double-sided for normal reflection on one side and a magnified on the other. (RRP £39.99) >. If you don't buy it for the practicality, just do it for the #GRAM. The colour temperature of 4000-5000K allows setting the desired illumination level to let you see how your makeup will look at any particular time of a day - in the morning, in the afternoon, at dusk, etc. By Come and see us, or see our Westbury, BA13 4JT, © 2020 Powerful Vision Limited AirExpect Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights - 3 Color Lighting Modes 72 LED Trifold Mirror, Tou… Luckily, the best light up mirrors are big (and magnified) enough to see every detail. Super-bright LEDs so you're in control of your look. Very satisfied! It’ll also work for those girls who need a small mirror to keep in a bag and have within their reach while being away from home. What it does: This might look like a regular makeup mirror, but when rotated horizontally, it is an adorable desk lamp. August 15, 2014. What it does: This might look like a regular makeup mirror, but when rotated horizontally, it is an adorable desk lamp. ", "10/10 Fantastic light for make up & very good quality. Our compact mirrors may well have been handy for "on-the-go", but right now, the furthest we're going is from bed to kitchen table and back again. All products are independently selected by our editors. iHome Reversible Vanity Mirror, we're looking at you. Bush House One side is a normal mirror with LED lights and the other side is 7 times magnified. Our light up makeup mirror are extremely versatile – place them on your dressing room desk in their matching stand for the ultimate movie star glamour or fix them to the wall to take the best selfies. Nothing oozes Hollywood glamour and lends star quality quite like a Hollywood style Mirror. And the most important thing for trouble-free and accurate makeup application is proper lighting and a handy magnifying mirror. It is pretty lightweight too, so you can easily use it on the go and take with you on your trips. HotLife’s LED Lighted Makeup Mirror has a lot going on for such a low price. Ed Buckley, X Factor production team. Light-up mirrors have seen some pretty nifty innovations of late. January 26, 2016. Propelling your daily routine into the 21st century, there's a new slew of light-up vanity mirrors boasting fancy technologies which illuminate imperfections, enhance touch-ups, and help us master techniques in HD. £7.95 New. Quick view Add to your basket. The reflection is distortion-free at any viewing angle. What it does: The most Hollywood of the bunch, our favourite feature about this mirror is the bluetooth automated speakers, so you can connect to your phone to play music. The LED lights on the left and right sides of the mirror provide soft, diffused lighting and can be adjusted according to the time of the day, so you can see your face well and apply perfect makeup without missing a spot. Easily detachable (simply twist the suction mechanism to lock or to unlock it), the suction cup leaves no residue or marks when removed. Our elegant and easy-to-use rotary dimmer switches give you ultimate light-level control. This stylish rectangular makeup mirror with 16 LEDs provides enough light so that you apply your day or evening makeup. Being pretty compact, a portable vanity mirror is a functional beauty accessory, highly appreciated by customers worldwide. Equipped with 20 bright LEDs (4000-5000K colour temperature), this makeup mirror allows you to clearly see every spot on your face even at night. @elleturneruk. The iHome lighted makeup mirror is perfect for the makeup lover who looks at her makeup time as self-care – something that should be done slowly for enjoyment. Magnification allows performing high-precision tasks, like plucking your eyebrows and drawing accurate lines. Our mirrors are essential piece of kit for many beauty bloggers. Why we love it: It's as sleek as it is functional, so it gets our seal of approval. Click Browse all to see the finest selection of Hollywood Mirrors in Europe! Grace Gold The Best Lighting for Applying Makeup, YouBeauty. makeup that will make you feel confident and look gorgeous! So if you're looking for a lighted mirror that could also serve as a decoration element in your room interior, the Zacro ZLM1 will suit you to a tee. In fact, Company/product listings on this page DO NOT imply endorsement by the site operator. No longer will you need to seek out reflective surfaces on those weekends away. Jerdon. For particular care and for the situations when you need to have a closer look at some area of your face, the mirror allows 7x magnification which also comes in useful for people with poor eyesight. What it does: Dubbed 'a multifunctional media centre', this mirror has built-in USB, Bluetooth, radio, clock, speakers and microphone.