Then, simply click on the grade you want to download and it should open in a new tab. I have been searching for some curriculum buying planning checklists and resources to make the job easier for you. Thank so much ! As such, having a homeschool curriculum checklist when purchasing something new can make it easier to compare your options. :/. This is a helpful resource – thanks! And, of course, your daily living resources, such as measuring cups and other kitchen utensils, measuring tape and other construction tools, plants and animals in your back yard and at the park, etc. No, they aren’t crossed out because I don’t like them. Organization really helps me concentrate and getting ready for the school year is no exception. We are moving across the country. Many thanks. The 1997 revision of the provincial curriculum guidelines was also an attempt to impose more rigourous learning outcomes so that Ontario student scores would compare favourably with those of other provinces and countries. Zorbit’s Math Adventure ( is a Canadian-made game-based learning program for K-3 math! Thanks for letting me know. Let me know! We do not need to keep picking away at their minds to make sure they are learning. So much interesting information. In USA you can find so many options that guide you and there are platforms or academies (like west river academy for example) that are focus on that, but is being a little difficult for me to find something similar in Canada. Sorry for the hassle. Check out,, and if you are looking for Ontario. Even if they don’t hit every single milestone, they’ll understand what they’re aiming for. There are online programs from other provinces as well, but I’d have to go searching for them since they aren’t on the top of my head. No, homeschoolers in Ontario are not required to follow the Ontario curriculum. Many of us remember the days of publ, FREE Capitals of the World Alphabet Tracing Pages, Help your young students become aware of world geography while they practice tracing the alphabet wi, Ways to Have Fun Learning About Historical Figures, Studying historical figures can be really fun for kids. Alberta is next, and hopefully other provinces will follow after that. The curriculum, in this case, still includes such learning outcome goals as literacy and numeracy, etc., but understood from a longer-term and responsive perspective rather than being predetermined year by year. You will need an Adobe Reader to open them. Is ther anyone here from Quebec who knows a preschooler curriculum? And I went from there. Hi. >> download the ontario curriculum checklists << Ontario provides all the curriculum guidelines for free on their Ministry of Education website. Thank you so much! To help you figure out what your beliefs and parenting goals are, ask yourself the questions in our blog post, "How do I decide what approach to take?". Great List! So I decided this was the best option. Conventional curricula, such as those of the school system, are deliberately constructed in terms of curriculum content (what is to be learned), organization into subject matters (in what context it is to be learned), and organization into levels or grades (when or in what order it is to be learned). We want to enroll him on a homeschool but we do not have to much information about. And also, I would appreciate if you could connect me to your friend from AB. Then you get started. Copyright ©2020, Homeschool Giveaways, a division of The Independent Easel, Inc. Thanks for the idea too. Magazines, newspapers, TV shows, documentaries, films, games, sports, arts, crafts, music, etc. Thanks! I have been searching for some curriculum  buying planning checklists and resources to make the job easier for you. by homeschoolers. Required fields are marked *, Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Homeschool Year. Another alternative is to follow a curriculum that is still structured in terms of grade but is faith-based rather than secular. Back to Homeschool Shopping List from Not Consumed, Homeschool Science Unit Checklist – Homeschool Den, How to Keep Track of your Homeschool Curriculum with free checklist – Living Life and Learning, Homeschool Convention Checklist Set – Crazy Homeschool Life, Kindergarten Curriculum Checklist – Balanced Mothering, Questions to Consider Before Buying Homeschool Curriculum – Not Consumed, Tips for Selecting Homeschool Curriculum Planning Guide – Homeschool 101, How to Plan Your Homeschool Year in 11 Steps + FREE Checklist – Wildly Anchored. Learning milestone checklists should never make you feel like a failure or lock you in, but instead give you a general idea of what could be learned for your student’s grade. It will take you to a page with all kinds of getting started information – such as my “How to Homeschool in Canada” book and some of the top FAQs I’m asked.