Darker days got you down? Sparkling ICE can be considered an acidic drink, and continually bombarding your teeth with acidic content will prevent the process of e-mineralization, meaning, the saliva in your mouth is unable to repair the enamel that has worn away. Follow Us. © 2020 BEVERAGE INNOVATION CORPORATION | PRESTON, WA, This ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage is a drink for all occasions, plus. Have questions or comments? [14][15][11] Marcus Smith was interim CEO until April 2018, when Chris Hall took over the position, and Smith became president of the company. Is fish good for diabetics? [5], In 2006 they launched two more products, Twist and ActivWater, which were produced until 2011, when Talking Rain decided to focus their business on the Sparkling Ice; this year, Talking Rain generated $60 million in revenue, up 140% from the year before. Sparkling Ice provides flavored waters that are in fact zero calories, just like water. With 8 fruity flavours, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find the one for you. Get yourself a hard seltzer with attitude. If you’re looking to put a little sparkle in your step, look no further than our delicious lineup of waters. Now that we know the answer to “is Sparkling ICE good for you”, here’s more you should know about the harms of carbonated beverages: The CO2 present within carbonated beverages can have an adverse effect on those with bowel conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, which can lead to a bloated feeling and gas. #Spar, You've found your crew. This is due to the acidic nature of the beverages, and the gas within it, which can create increased pressure within your stomach, causing contents to be regurgitated upwards. [12], Kevin Klock was president and CEO of the company from 2010 to 2017; he left abruptly after alleged accusations of sexual harassment by a former Talking Rain employee. This ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage is a drink for all occasions, plus there’s zero sugar and only 80 calories per can. Well total avoidance of Sparkling ICE is unnecessary, you just need to practice moderation upon consumption. Can diabetic patients eat fish? [18], "People Moves: Chris Hall Named CEO of Talking Rain", "Turning Water Into Cash: The Unlikely Success Of Talking Rain", "Sparkling ICE's big splash revives TalkingRain", "Ice on Fire | Seattle Business Magazine", "KD signs major Roc Nation-negotiated deal", "Talking Rain Beverage Company: Number 2711 on the 2016 Inc. 5000", "Talking Rain, Tata Beverages Strike DSD Alliance", "Under New CEO, Talking Rain Charts Path to Growth - BevNET.com", "Flavors & Colors: Opportunities for Clean Labels", "CEO of Talking Rain Beverage fired after sexual assault, lawsuit contends", "Sparkling Ice Adds Amazon, Google Voice Skills", "When The Bubble's Bursting: Inside LaCroix's Decline", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Talking_Rain&oldid=974261418, Companies based in King County, Washington, Food and drink companies based in Washington (state), Food and drink companies established in 1987, 1987 establishments in Washington (state), All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 August 2020, at 00:46. ), but let’s face it: aqua can be boring. [16], According to Nielsen, as of June 15, 2019 Sparkling Ice have about $500 million in annual retail sales with a 14.9% increase in year-to-date dollar sales. Now find your flavor. Hello plain awesome. It is also not advised to consume carbonated beverages after exercise, as you may not be able to consume the quantity required to fully rehydrate your body, whereas still water is best advised, and more effective at rehydrating. The sugar present within sparkling beverages is also terribly bad fora person’s teeth, and can lead to rotting and decay. Can a diabetic patients eat fish? #, Midweek mood. This in itself can lead to health problems when consumed at a high quantity. [3][4][6], In 2014, Kevin Durant, the former Oklahoma City Thunder forward, signed an endorsement deal with Sparkling Ice under Roc Nation Sports. All About Diabetes Copyright © All rights reserved. [17], Talking Rain Beverage Company produces still and sparkling waters for distribution throughout North America, as well as some countries abroad.