Ideas and activities to enhance literacy connections. 19. Part of my role is helping teachers implement guided reading. The animal is easily distinguishable by the black stripes above its eye. We made a web of all their favorite things. What a unique way to practice sight words! Download the preview to take a look (describe the spaceship FREEBIE included). We practiced asking and answering questions. Every class, and even every small group, responds differently to the “tools”. The students love the hands-on aspect of this activity! 4. Easter Picture Sentences; Look and Write Version 1; Look and Write Version 2; Look and Write Version 3; Look and Write Version 4; Look and Write Version 5; Look and Write Version 6; Look and Write Version 7; Look and Write Version 8 They are all so cute and did so well on their first full week of school! Strip sentence examples. Now you can save and print your files. The first time we did King and Queen. 4. That is why I use these magnetic pockets that are on my toy cabinet to hold them. No more tossing strips because your handwriting got funky. First, give your students time to read these sentences silently by themselves. See more ideas about sentence strips, kindergarten literacy, kindergarten reading. I really appreciate you joining me! Last year I saw the cutest labeling lesson from sweet Julie Lee . Sentence Strip Template (3"x9"), Two per Page from norskpdx on (4 pages), What do you do with bugs? The runway is simply a strip of grass. (Get a printable list on …. (Or, kind of like a presidential race, which one they dislike the least.) (See ideas here) These sentence sticks work great to teach the parts of a sentence/speech: verbs, nouns, adjectives etc. I will be the first to admit that I LOVE cute… I love when things match… I love using colors to code EVERYTHING… I love when things just work like magic… but most of all, I love when SIMPLE things increase engagement, and therefore help my students. Note: This is set... Story element wall- wipe off sentence strips make for easy cleaning! The crown was a paper one that they took home at the end of the day. Apr 7, 2015 - Explore Steph's board "Sentence strips" on Pinterest. Styles include stripes and checks. I decorated each cup with pictures and words that represent one type of author’s purpose (entertain, inform, or persuade). Stripes are bold, bright, As well, Aspergers and Selective Mutism are of special interest. See more ideas about Sentence strips, Sentences, Teaching. Nov 25, 2017 - Explore Cynthia Sciandra Art's board "Sentence strips" on Pinterest. I took pictures of them all in the cape…, Just finished our first week back to school! strip. Play tic tac toe with spelling words... to play, students have to repeatedly write the sight word... fun way to practice! Because that's always a great place to start. No more rewriting strips year after year. I have pencils, markers, dry…, We are in chapter two of the math book, learning about patterns and graphs. This coast strip is nowhere more than 2 m. 29. They are close to my therapy table and can grab them when I need them easily! 10 Ways to help children learn to write their names in preschool. So we cycle through everyone during the month. 258+3 sentence examples: 1. This means I needed a "Guided Reading Basket" to take with me. (Aren’t we all!?) 2, The animal is easily distinguishable by the black. A blog of teaching ideas and activities for K-2 classrooms, including centers, reading and writing ideas, thematic learning, and much more! 5. Check out all the fun things we are doing in room 28! 32. 16. The sentence strips are available for purchase at my store at 49. 2. 2. Now I will forewarn you… this will be as easy or as difficult as you make it! I have full day kindergarten and I was really proud of how well all of my students did for […]. A tiger has stripes. You can also use this with other lessons, too.