Company Reviews published on our site are the views and opinions of their authors and do not represent the views and opinions of or its personnel. Management was alright, the coworkers were probably the best part about it. bad team environment and a lack of support, A good casual job to get you started in the work force. management always overlooked you and stood above you. I'm wondering how you know that Target sets employees up and that Target headquarters sanctions this type of behavior. high work load. Sorting of recieved merchandise onto inlays for correct merchandising in the departments. "No hours available" but they have enough in the budget to hire young casuals regularly and neglect the others who could use the extra shifts. Up and down but a fine retail workplace when everything is going well, I have achieved many years of customers service , dealing with everyday customers. Last , I haven't had a manager who told upfront that he made a mistake in his hiring ,only 3 months into the job. Upper management decided to switch how they do everything and what ever employee that had difficulty adjusting they fired. Meeting all different types of people from all walks of life come through my checkout with a friendly attitude made my day. What is Target sick leave policy? I was cross-trained in multiple departments so when a Team Leader needed me I was able to hop off a register and be active on the sales floor. Management is usually lazy and fresh out of college. the pay was very good for just being a cashier and was above minimum wage. My co-workers were just awesome. Managers appreciate only those who play well and some colleagues were literally pathetic as in trying to please managers. For instance I would get a closing shift and then an opening shift the next day, or I would get 8 hour shifts three days in a row and then no shifts for a week. It's usually walmart. 89% of employees reported the work... ing days at Target as Monday to Friday. was a good casual high school job. 80% employees reported the work timings at Target as Flexible timing. I definitely had an awesome work experience at Target. Good job as far as retail goes. The hardest part of the job is adapting to the changing environment of the store (i.e power outage, store flood, sever down for registers). Budgets for seasonal hires needed be improved to increase long term employment, There is no freelunch. I really don't know if I ever want to deal with your store again. Makes them feel special to return again & again. Marketing Division. poor management skills. These are people that had been with the company for 10+ years and they didn't care. There are fewer and fewer people with any degree of competency suitably equipped to lead. AmbitionBox has 219 Target reviews submitted by Target employees. The team members who put in the effort and who have been there for years are the only ones contributing. posts reviews for what they are worth and for information purposes only to assist candidates to find employment. Sadly being a Target small format store and the restructure of Target to larger stores or conversion to K Mart, our store did not have the required demo graph to continue, so is a closure store which is happening January 16th, 2021. wish there were more hours and they would approve overtime. Great environment. Very inclusive environment. Worked with many different cultures, friendly staff great customers. ability to move up in company. How did you feel about telling people you worked at Target? great place to observe the different fucntions each of the team members done. I hope they can because target you did a horrible job. Read more about working at Target. flexible scheduling. Ivy Exec 49 W38th Street, Floor 12A New York NY 10016 Having the opportunity to progress in my career, To provide the best experience to help jobseekers find the right company for them, all content posted is reviewed using our, Reviews are posted as submitted. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. There are a lot of different jobs for different people. No support when you get difficult customers. I also learned how to use a walkie with no fear of sounding ridiculous on it. A typical day at work was behind the Guest Service desk or a register helping guests with their purchaseor and/or returns. fast paced work environment. A incredible 15 years of life with an amazing brand. other staff were always fun and encouraging, low pay. What are the steps along the way? Stocking shelves, answering questions and providing back up to cashiers, i only worked there for a couple of months i was only a temporary employee but i did enjoy being there. People kept getting hurt and because of how messy the store has gotten specially the back room due to lack of bodies and overworking the team. I would say the hardest part of the job was leaving. Working on my own with minimal supervision. They cannot be altered or edited by Seek or the company, Reviews are shared 'as is' in line with our. Excellent place to work. They also had a great work bench where they advanced you as much as they could in as little time as possible. Flexible work schedule, management is superb, close drive. I learned how to make planogram signs and change shelf prices. For all the time I spent on one purchase for my child I should be given some kind of compensation. Most of the management treats employees well, and they show great amounts of kindness and patience with employees. Managers were told to work a minimum of 10 hour days which extend to 12-16 hr days during the holiday season. Hours where kind of inconsistent and sometimes very demanding. Fun people to work with Learning new areas of the store, learning about stock dealing with and answering customers questions of your new location. I never have issues with target. The most enjoyable part is interacting with the children of the guests because they are easy to make smile and put a smile on my face too. Each day was a challenge dealing with all people from different backgrounds - some sad, some noisy, some quiet each person is different and you adjust your peoples skills accordingly. Hours are flexible and everyone is extremely helpful. Normally, I make a connection with guests by engaging in friendly and genuine conversation throughout each transaction; asking open-ended questions about the guest’s shopping experience and using those questions to assess, understand, and determine how to tailor my approach.