The name Akriti has a Sanskrit origin and means ‘shape’. It is also an ultimate choice for parents who prefer simple names. Here is the Telugu actors’ caste list with their religion. Ippati generation heroes valla career ayye sariki total ga hero ga oka 50 films cheste goppaemo. South Indian folklore is full of tales of war heroes and legendary kings. Name your little girl Balamani to express how you feel for her. How Did ‘Aakasame Nee Haddhu Ra’ Happen? 5. It means ‘Gift of Ganges’. All babies are special. 2122. Ahilya was also the name of a great devotee of Lord Rama. Aadhav means ‘the ruler’. Agastya is the name of a saint from South India. Here is one name that you are unlikely to hear. The name Atulya means ‘unequaled’ in Sanskrit. Looking for a short name with a good meaning for your baby? Entertain aina cheyyaali 3. Aa list mee kosam. It means ‘rich, resourceful, and prosperous’. Here is a strong name for your tough girl. Educate aina cheyyaali 2. Jainarayan is a strong and serious name, but with a playful side. The world today needs leaders who can show the path to peace and happiness. Lekapothe, anta background unna kooda manaki eppudu kotthadanam chupinchaali ani routine commercial movies cheyyakunda kotthadanam chupisthunnaadu. : 2005 – 2016. The name is popular among all religious Indian families. The name Saarika means the one who is like a ‘koel’ or ‘cuckoo’. If you can give the world one gift, let it be peace! If you want a name that is common, yet beautiful, then you can go for Eesha. PADMINI పద్మిని f Indian , Kannada , Tamil , Telugu Means "multitude of lotuses" , a derivative of Sanskrit पद्म ( padma ) meaning "lotus". The name is written on the floor or in a tray of rice and the baby’s maternal uncle keeps a golden ring, close to the baby’s mouth. Telugu Actors With Their Height : Here Below You Can Find Height Of Telugu Heroes And Full bio-data. Chaitan means ‘one who is filled with consciousness’. Ekantika means ‘singly focused’. It means ‘a tamer’. We are all part of the divine. Then name your baby boy Chanakya. Nani There is no better sight that seeing a young Krishna playing the flute. Name her Aabharana, which means ‘the one who is like a jewel’. The name Hema will never go out of fashion. Today, when everything is so loud and crass, let your son be the oasis of calm. Faloni means the one who is ‘in charge’. Another name that means the ‘sun’, Aadithya is a common name in all parts of India. If you want your son to be strong and powerful right from the start, name him Urijit, which means ‘powerful and vigorous’. Tejaswini means ‘the one who illuminates’. Here is the List of Top Telugu Tollywood Villains | To make a good film, you need a protagonist who is likable and someone that you can support and feel for, similarly, you need an antagonist too so that the odds are stacked against the hero and you finally see him overcome those odds and succeed. 7. Here is a name that speaks to all mothers! Ee article lo first peru Nara Rohith di lekapothe ee article ki ardham undadu emo. Antha enduku Nag & Venki ne inka 100 films thiyyaledu. And she deserves a name that is unique and beautiful. For you, nothing is more beautiful than your baby. The name Hamsanaari means ‘swan’. The name Deepankar means ‘one who lights lamps’. You might have heard the name Bhagirath several times, but do you know its meaning? Execution lo fail ayyi undavacchemo gani we all know they are very good at picking up scripts. But if you want your baby boy to grow up to be a kind person, name him Tahaan, which means ‘merciful’. Ithanu chesina and cheyaboye roles chuste ardam aipothundi how talented he is ani…, If you wish to contribute, mail us at If you want your child to be successful in each of his endeavors, name him Ajay, which means ‘unconquerable and invincible’. The newest member of your family is the source of joy and happiness. It means ‘joyful’. Kindness is a virtue that is slowly fading away in this materialistic world. Name her Eestha, which means ‘beloved’. The name Gayatri holds spiritual importance in Indian culture. Entertainment; List Of Telugu Heroes Who Acted In More Than 100 Films. The popularity of this name is not going to wane anytime soon. The name means the moon. General ga oka vishayam gurinchi manam alochinchali ante ee 3 lo edokati jargali. Shape your child’s emotions so that she becomes a wonderful human being. Akshay can be a short form of this name. Akshayakeerti may be a long name, but it sounds majestic. Aahladita means ‘bubbling with delight’. Your son is a spark from the divine flame. All rights reserved. [ Read: Hindu God And Goddess Names For Boys And Girls ]. The classic name Aarti means ‘the highest love for God’. Raj Tarun meedha kuda film lovers ki manchi hope undi, because short films nunchi hero ayyaru kabbatti he knows what film lovers actually want…! The moon is a symbol of beauty in the Indian culture. Here is a list of recent trend setting heroes. In Capt. It has another meaning too! Chidhatma is one of the simple and classic of all the Telugu baby boy name. If you want to stick to the tried and tested, go for this interesting name. Info: The Kamma is a caste from south India. But there is a beauty in silence that not many can appreciate. It is another name for Lord Shiva. This is one of our favorites. We are children of one God. Another short but beautiful name, Dajshi means ‘glorious’. We are sure that your daughter is the center of your universe. Are you looking for a Telugu name that is not very common, yet traditional? Raagavi means ‘one who sings with raga’. Then name his sister Aakarsha, which means ‘attraction’. Do you want an uncommon derivative of the name Ganesh?