There are many different types of mortar and pestle on the market and for Thai cooking we recommend that you at least equip yourself with a granite medium sized mortar and pestle. You need to be careful when heating a clay pot that you don't heat an empty one too hot or else the bottom will break away from the edges. Light and easy to clean. You DO need a wok with a lid for braising and a second handle to help lift it as the leverage otherwise makes it heavy to lift off the stove. Oval shape is handy for steaming whole fish. The colours used on them are food safe (we checked!) It might be a controversial statement, but in my eyes, having quality knives makes cooking at least 50 percent easier and more efficient. The pestle is much lighter than the stone pestle, thus it is good for bruising the green papaya without grounding it. A tofu press will remove more liquid from your tofu than other methods. We love a bamboo steamer for making sticky rice, a staple in Thailand. You will have an idea of the size you need but bear in mind that several different rices can be stored together in their separate bags after opening if kept in a rice container. Both are frequently available at oriental groceries. renting accommodation or mobile traveling. Both are made from durable, commercial-quality stainless steel. It changed our cooking lives, and we still have it! You can get wok utensils made from metal, wood or bamboo. This bamboo steamer ticks all of the boxes, and is very cost efficient! It does not need a great heavy pestle though as the idea is to bruise and crush rather than nuke the other ingredients with pounding. This wok is the best by far. of water to discourage ants and other insects. Thai cookware covers 90% of what you would need for cooking any Asian cuisine because Thai food is greatly influenced the cuisines of the countries close by. Traditionally it would have been the only pan used for everything – from boiling to stir frying. Nothing is more convenient than using one of these handy citrus presses. and for every set that’s sold the company will plant a tree. The legs stand in saucers Great see through and stackable containers that are perfect to see what you have and what is running low without labelling. They can be tough to find outside of a Chinatown, but are great because they make it easy to turn over the food. It’s great fun smashing up ingredients, especially after a stressful day. All rights reserved. For full information, please see our disclaimer. Chopsticks are an obvious addition which Thais use to eat noodles along with wide Thai style spoons to scoop up the soup broth. We would recommend getting hold of a big spoon or a shovel (like a spoon but with a flat edge) for stirring. It allows you to crush small quantities of ingredients – like for our red thai vegetable curry paste. Ripe mango served on a bed of coconut milk soaked sticky rice. to squeeze in the … We particularly like clear rectangular containers as they save space, can be stacked and you can see what is in them which reduces the need to label everything. Tableware for Thai food does have a few extras that you probably won’t have in your kitchen cupboards. A rice cooker is nice but you can easily cook rice with your cheesecloth and steamer so that is an appliance to pick up when funds allow. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "brainhackrevi-20"; Built in kitchen units are to be found inside upmarket properties and a few basic kitchen units will be found in condos but otherwise families will have concrete compartments built which are tiled. On this page, I want to go into some of the essentials of Thai cooking. amzn_assoc_linkid = "cfeb60d0abbdef4a2e1341e17e365f4e"; amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Who knew this pan had such a rich history? You can use them for steaming dumplings or veggies as part of a quick and healthy dinner too. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; A spice grinder can be a life saver. The ladle is for pouring oil, stock, or other liquids into the wok. This is because operating the cooker half full can actually damage it. here are some of the common cooking tools you would find: The kitchen in Thailand is a very simple If you ever plan on cooking glutinous rice, an essential part of North and Northeast Thai food, you’ll need a saucepan to steam it over. The pestle for clay mortar is made out from palm wood. Happy Thai cooking! If you’d rather just get the name of the machine I prefer without reading that page, I recommend the Zojirushi NHS-10. Made from fine clay, tea pot can boil and keep the tea warm. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; This stainless steel two-in-one tempura strainer and tongs is a brilliantly designed product for deep frying food. In this section we take a look at other tools used in the cooking process. For heat sources in less well equipped kitchens, gas hobs that sit on the worktop are used or induction hotplates as well as personal infrared devices. Furnish your kitchen with the right utensils for Thai cooking.If you don't own a wok or a food processor, these may be things you'll want to invest in.Other than that, Thai cooking requires few implements; in fact, if you visit Thailand, you'll see simple portable Thai kitchens set up by the roadside or on the beach with remarkably delicious Thai food for sale! The tool most people do not have is a mortar and pestle set, and this really is essential if you want to make the best Thai food. The pestle is made out of the same type of stone. In fact, many Thais refer to som tam as pok pok, an onomatopoeic term for the sound you get when gently bruising the ingredients for this salad in a clay mortar. Air fryers are also gaining in popularity. Thankfully, Takoyaki pans are easy to find: you can get them one on Amazon. If you eat rice frequently, you'll love the ease and perfect success rate of a rice cooker. A beefy mortar and pestle would be the next thing I'd invest in. I've even had Teflon coating peel, and I ended up eating it unknowingly. Bearing all of this in mind, these are the two woks that we would recommend. Carbon steel woks are the best materials for ease of cooking. Mixing and grinding tools are the second most important utensils after knives. on teak poles due to annual flooding during the late rainy season The tiers can be removed or added as you need them, allowing you to cook foods that have varying cooking times all at once. It measures about 3.5 inches across by 2 inches inner diameter. They also keep your rice warm once cooked, so if you’re like us and always go up for seconds, a rice cooker will have you covered. This is the stainless steel steamer we recommend, and it's great value too! It was a nightmare to do such basic things as cutting an onion in half or dicing a tomato. cold rice. Read on for the lowdown on our essential Thai cooking utensils! Cheap, practical, and fun to use, noodle baskets are an essential item for those who intend to cook noodles on a regular basis. This Dumpling Mold is used to create a nice consistent shape for your Chinese dumplings. I like a light weight wok because it is easy to move around on the burner and heats quickly. Not essential by any means but definitely recommended if you get serious about the food of the Land of Smiles. a sink. One order contains 12 trays. With nearly daily use, they last a long time. You’ll get a much better texture and find that they cook more evenly with blended ingredients. Stainless Steel Spoon from Seagull brand is best suitable for any kind of soup. Using a wok means that the veggies better retain their texture, and the liquid is much less likely to be spilled everywhere! part of Thailand. This tool will allow you to muddle pastes, grind spices, crush and break up fresh herbs and set your cooking apart from the pack of wannabes. Soak the rice, steam in a sticky rice steaming set and covered with the cloth, to prevent rice from drying out.