"Cute packaging, but that's about it." Please select the topics you're interested in: Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? Or if somebody says Czech Republic is East European country and pictures poor Ukraine. I Purchased This   Affiliate Link/Referral Link Hey everyone! Specifically, the women are wearing a tight fitting version. I suppose, when you get right down to it, the real question is: "When are we 'nit picking TOO much?" Thank you for such an informed and well written post.I really wish people would open their eyes to cultural appropriation and just how damaging and hurtful it can be.Like some other people have said, I was shocked by some of the comments which ensued on the makeupbee facebook page after they announced that they were closing the competition. So I asked why. That is also offensive yet very common. It looks lazy to not use a traditional Chinese dress when you're doing an advertisement inspired by Chinese culture and a Chinese advertisement in an era that had a clearly defined fashion style and you clearly said later on that you were inspired by it. I also didn't make mention of the makeup and her large pores?Thank you for informing me that pointing out cultural insensitivity and ignorance makes me a racist, I'm going to keep your concerns in mind.Please note that that was sarcasm. Semi-permanent hair dye that's 100% vegan & cruelty-free! Lime Crime is also certified as vegan and cruelty-free by both PETAand the Leaping Bunny. Look at arabs - they are treated as criminals and the most despised people - for what? Also, the Tint formula is not as intensely long-lasting as Full Coverage dyes. I, for one, have already begun giving away (for free) any LC makeup I was stupid enough to purchase in the past (which was, like, 3 things to be fair) some time ago. We wouldn't be aware of other cultures if it weren't for people outside the culture seeking to study and learn about it and for members of the culture to want to inform others. She stated the thread was to discuss the pallet. But Lime Crime doesn't care what she uses as long as Dough makes a buck. You will stumble upon the conclusion of dealing with the Orient is a way of escapism and an aesthetic and artistic dialogue. Please just use the term "Asian". Damn white kids.Sincerely, a white kid who was too poor for anime growing up. I love the Shanghai advertisement posters from the 1920s, they have such innocence and purity to them even though they're often advertising cigarettes, haha. A multitude of Instagram and Reddit users still claim they've never been refunded. And there are FAR MORE people who do care than don't. By shocked, I actually mean that they made me want to bang my head against a brick wall in pure rage. I chose to collaborate with Lime Crime because the brand stands for expressing yourself through the art of makeup, being comfortable with who you are and celebrating being different. I mean the image itself is beautiful but not correct. Thanks Mai I feel like I've learned a lot from your post x what an awful company and scary woman! What may be offensive to me may not be deemed offensive to you based off of where you live and your cultural experiences. I have been reading all the comments on this page and I feel that you must consider that stereotypes - whether we like them or not are apart of life. So I guess we can say this is a clear case of Did Not Do the Research, eh? You're doing good by talking about Mai. Ever. [10] The company also sells pressed-pigment eyeshadow quads. She actually accused Amy's boyfriend of paying bloggers to negatively review LC, and positively review Sugarpill (trying to pretend to be someone else while she was doing it, too, but was found out quite quickly).I'm waiting to see how bad the actual makeup is. I think this is obviously someone who finds your culture very beautiful and tried to express that. I want to read a blog post about that. [6] Deere was 23 years old at the time of the launch. Mail order brides are Chinese and other Asians too. Use at once or cover and refrigerate for up to 2 days. Oh absolutely! It's no true depiction of the Asian culture because it's art (even it's poorly done) and art deals with loads of constructs that don't represent the reality. In my experiences, people tend to use regional terms like East Asia when talking about China and South East Asia to refer to countries like Vietnam. I'm a big fan of Melanie as an artist, this collaboration is like a dream come true. It's why Indians is not an acceptable term when referring to Native Americans. Today I have a review of the EM Cosmetics True Glosses in Magic Hour and Secret Blush . This is one of the worst photos they have ever used, INCLUDING the one where they used Mosh, drew her eyebrows on 9000 feet above her natural eyebrows, and then didn't bother to cover/photoshop out her natural brows, leaving what looked like a forest of unkempt brows behind. Great, Click the ‘Allow’ Button Above Nobody that I've dealt with or spoken to takes offense to either the term Oriental or Indian. I think (may be another big mag, but point is they did it) published with models of all colors and builds being "painted up" and "styled" to look like other ethnic races. They've covered a large portion of the garment with her wig, which should have been styled up more anyway for accuracy (though that seems to have taken a back seat here, and anyway artists are always trying to make the model look sexier etc). (In fact I often hear chinadoll in a positive light- a beautiful ethereal sort of quality or a treasure). What kind of message is that?! "I'm sorry that you people were offended by my genius. It makes me sad.I get some people aren't offended, that's OK, I respect that. But in 2014, Lime Crime sued Michelle Jascynski, who runs Doe Deere lies — a blog dedicated to providing receipts for Lime Crime's alleged wrongdoings — for damages totaling $250,000 on the basis of copyright infringement and defamation. 14 hours ago, by Nikita Charuza [19] This is considered one of the main reasons as to why Lime Crime began to decline in popularity. The whole concept reeks of I have a nice idea lets just go with it! I'm NOT saying your intent was racist or to stereotype. But like I said, this is bigger than Doe Deere and her offensive campaign. I thought I'd update with a snippet from an interview I found that Doe did with a blogger wherein she spoke about her inspiration for the palette. We create kick-ass products so you can create looks as unique as you. I mean...the topic was regarding the pallet. I have to say though, that I am strongly offended by the term "oriental". This reason may be why she was chosen rather than being the best face for this campaign. and these are the thoughts that came out of it:1 - The decision to put a white girl in the ad was probably a deliberate one. However, I think that you are dissing them for no good reason.MAYBE the word oriental would be considered offensive, but that is so slight, its not even an insult, its just an outdated word.First of all, you seem to have little understanding on chinese clothing.