little bit lonely and you're never coming around. Whereas before Tyler’s desire could at least struggle to take flight, it is now fully at the mercy of the boys who surround her, and torment her (simply by attracting her). Beyond the doorway awaits a  group of students, who look up to acknowledge both her and us—they look out at the camera, developing the motif of supernatural sight (0:55). It’s sometimes up at YouTube and sometimes not; the main difference is that it omits the second half of the first verse, jumping instead right to the chorus. (It also happens to be, in real life, Holloway Sanatorium, a mental institution.) The boys are undeniably growing younger. (he's never going to be the pro baseball player he wanted to be when we were kids) The album version is over seven minutes long, and there’s also a shorter version of the video/single, clocking in around 4:33 (very John Cage). her fantasia has caused Tyler to become mentally unhinged. At 0:37, a car passes by the school, its twin headlights shining through the door: Only after this does the student actually enter, his glowing eyes matching the headlights (0:44–0:46): What’s happening here, I’d argue, is that Tyler has become so lost in her wanting that she’s mistaken a passing car for a student—that obscure object of her desire. On the original track, which dominated Billboard's Hot 100 and U.K. Singles charts upon its release, Tyler hints at a love lost and equates the experience to a "total eclipse of the heart" as she belts out the song's chorus: Check out the full lyrics to Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" here. The dove at this point is fully restrained (in the child’s clutches). Her reverie is interrupted around a half-minute in, when a student enters the school, presumably through its front doors. A total eclipse of the heart. And so it is in "Total Eclipse of the Heart." And then the footballers are similarly bare-chested (and doing something something more akin to modern dance than football). This pairing occurs a lot in pop culture—for instance, it showed up again just last year, in The World’s End: Anyway, at this point in the video, just shy of a minute in, Tyler’s fantasy has been acknowledged by a student (real or imagined). Request Reprint & Licensing , Submit Correction or view Editorial Guidelines But given all the other elements of the video (in particular the passing car, the enveloping angel), I think the more likely reading is that Tyler is still imagining all of this. (Recall also that the song’s writer, Jim Steinman, planned the video, so the connections between words and image are very much intended.). Either Tyler is new to the school, or these boys are new. “Once upon a time,” with its fairytale connotations, echoes the idea that, in this case, love is fantastical, unreal, otherworldly. and I need you more than ever These images, I’d argue, accomplish everything the ninjas did, and more: Tyler, then, is gradually exploring her heretofore repressed desires. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. cause we'll never be wrong together (Note the point of view shot at 3:00, in which we momentarily take Tyler’s place.) So far, we seem to be in an anonymous Gothic fantasy-land common to music videos, especially ones from the early 1980s. We were wild and crazy about each other. once upon a time I was falling in love She is singing only to herself. But this recognition, far from embarrassing or paralyzing Tyler, enables her to reveal her desire openly, a shift that motivates the remainder of the video. we're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks I really need you tonight When they're together, their relationship is explosive, but when they're apart, the singer can find no light in her life. turnaround, every now and then I get a Tyler is Emma Frost (the White Queen), and the winged student is Angel, and the bright-eyed student is Cyclops, who has somehow learned to control his optic blasts—perhaps under Ms. Frost’s strict tutelage? Once upon a time there was light in my life. I hope not, because that’s totally what it is. The speed of the crosscutting increases until Tyler, finally overcome, collapses (4:24–4:30)—very Rite of Spring! Thank you for verifying my suspicions with your over-analyzing to death. There's nothing I … Cloud Cover Threatens Views of Solar Eclipse, Total Solar Eclipse in 1979 Ended With Moving Message. your love is like a shadow on me all of the time I don't know what to do and i'm always in the dark turnaround, every now and then I know Long before singer Bonnie Tyler had a hit single with "Total Eclipse of the Heart," songwriter Jim Steinman was already using the phrase "turn around bright eyes" in a song from his 1969 musical, "The Dream Engine."