So good!! Even my picky nine year loved it. Holy *&^% This is the BEST meat I have ever made. In the book the first reference is to a “large, deep pot” (here it says pan) but I thought that sounded silly if I was to sear/brown at the end, so I went with a deeper pan which worked out well. It took a total of 6.5 hours for my liquids to cook down and by then everything at the bottom of the pan was so charred I could not turn the meat chunks to caramelize them properly so I just took it all out and put it in a dish to cool for the next day. OK, so I’ve never made carnitas before and have very little experience cooking pork period, so the fact that these turned out SO yumbolicious is a total credit to you. I think it’s just something like hot salsa verde and some sugar added to that fat and reduced. For a loin, you probably want to sear it in a hot pan, then finish it in a low oven. How do you let the pressure come off naturally? I’m still sort of new to the cooking so I don’t have a lot of spices. I ate it for every meal the following day too, it was so tasty. Back for the review, I have tons of cookbooks & recipes pulled from the net…I always have to ajust or use part from here and there. I also seared it before marinating, which is unusual I think, and the flavor was better than ever before. Used pot roast (oldest has a pork allergy and pukes ..well. My buddy Tom over at Whole Life Eating did an experiment for us and shared his results and recommendations. I’m not sure how anyone can hate cumin but I’m glad it was a hit! Roast until thermometer inserted into center of pork registers 155°F., about 25 minutes longer. I added some milk during the last half hour… Not sure why but it still taste pretty good, heh. Despite your warnings about watching the pan, I was about 30 seconds away from burning them, but got there just in time. My husband actually made them (and he never makes anything so this is a great recipe for people with no cooking experience :)) and we both loved them. Next time, just BARELY cover the meat with water — or use a slightly shallower pan. Really excited about this. Of course! We just started working with our distributor, so it will take a few weeks (months?) I’m working on the recipe list for Well Fed 2 right now. Right on! TL;DR: Smells great but came out dry, please advise! Made the Pork Carnitas tonight, It was so easy and yummy. Can’t wait to serve to my family tonight! Glad you enjoyed it — and very sneaky with the veggie friends. I was worried that it would be too spicy for my kids, but they didn’t seem to mind, and one of them had seconds :). So good. JESSE! I will try again but pork loin turns into a leather-y type substance. I poured off so all the pork fat I could from the bottom of the pan. Okay, so I’ve had these on my “to do” list for way too long. I spent some time in San Antonio and Mexico, so I have missed real carnitas with the crispy outside. Learn how your comment data is processed. Glad you had fun — and yumminess — playing around with the recipe. Any suggestions? now i just need to not eat the whole batch at once! Yum, paired it with Noni’s cucumber salad too (sorry, I forget proper title). I have some questions! Site by Kitchen Sink Studios. Squeezed fresh lemon, lime and orange. Pin 255. Without being in the kitchen with you, it’s hard to know. Same idea, different execution. They are really good, aren’t they? You hit the nail on the head! And I’m always a high-elbowed season sprinkler. The cardamom is too strong for the mix. we are both really enjoying all your recipes but this one stands out for me, thanks and thanks linda for making it for me. Er… well… I’m doing my first Whole30, so I’ll at least have to break it up into 3 meals! Double batch of mayo being made shortly as well as sunshine awesomesauce and tomorrow balls balls and more balls! I was on my second huge handful of macadamia nuts and had munched up half the cocoa cauliflower (YUM). Thanks! That’s why it specifies to use pork shoulder in the instructions I’m sorry you had a leathery experience. First, this was totally delicious and even my 11 year old “I try nothing new” daughter was forced to admit how good it was. I cooked it for my wife. Thanks! Do you think I need to add fat to this to help keep the meat moist? Sigh. Perfect meal. With spices at the grocery store at $5.99 a jar ANYway, I figure I may as well order online from Penzey’s and support a smaller business. I will now always call it that in my head. Advice for anyone who, like me, had a long boil time and needed to eat — I removed the meat from the pot, put all the juices in a shallow frying pan, and reduced it by about half. So it was very acidic, but still a very nice flavor and after taste, will do again for sure, so easy! I have a 2 and 5 year old, a very picky husband, and two dinner guests who all approved! I’m kicking myself for waiting so long. Now she is after me to make more. 3-4 pounds, after removing any bones. I use a deep pot when I cook it for real. These are SO delicious! (That’s only funny if you know any Mormons.) Or could it be because I juiced fresh fruit instead of using bottled juice (which I only noticed after the fact when I scrolled down through the comments to post my question here). Carefully turn the hunks of meat–without shredding them–to brown all sides, then remove the hunks  to a plate and let them rest for 5 minutes before eating. Some mango for dessert and we were set! My pork shoulder had a bone in it, so I cut the meat off the bone as best I could and put the bone in the put with the meat chunks. Thanks for letting me know… happy cooking! At the end there was a thick dark char in the bottom of the pan (soaking the pan as I type). Cooked in slow cooker. Love it. I did 1/3 each of lemon/lime/orange juice… then enough water to just cover. Creamy — This cumin-lime would be great: I’m new to paleo (and trying to follow a keto diet), so your site is a lifesaver!! Glad you enjoyed it — thanks for stopping by to let me know. I poured this over the meat, then refrigerated it until this evening. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the update, Melissa! Perhaps you’ll hope you are only consuming 270 calories in the whole thing, when in fact you are getting 540 calories. Got a batch on the stove just now for a day hanging with friends. I just made this last night and it was AMAZING! In terms of technique, I thought this was a fantastic recipe; it turned out tender, yet crispy hunks of pork, just as advertised. 2. If you like lamb, be sure to check out the “deconstructed gyros” — same technique as the carnitas with different seasonings. I’ve been looking for a carnitas recipe that’s easy and still has really good flavor and this is it. If you use a soup pot and just cover the meat with water, you’ll be good to go.