by making a tax-deductible gift. [158], On the new year, Kusuo decides to wear his telepathy blocking ring. Days after helping his father play his online game,[122] Kusuo goes to visit his grandparents. After receiving new years money from his family, he hopes to have a peaceful day. To test them, he sends one of them to the store but immediately falls into trouble when he runs into Riki. Near the end of the school year, the class decides to go celebrate the end of exams. [74], Kokomi removes Kusuo's control device in his sleep, After the summer holidays, another new transfer student arrives, this time in Kusuo’s class. He was able to let time flow in the first loops, however he has trouble when Riki tries to save a child from getting hit by a car.

in the Legislature who sit by while our Governor operates outside the constitutional emergency provisions & against the laws and practices of transparency & keeping MUCH-needed data hidden (out of privacy concerns for a public problem yet asking the q-tine app being developed to track a person's location--also a privacy issue). ", (To himself) "I guess if you do something good, good things will happen to you. He got along well with his grandparents in the trip, but neither him nor his parents told them about his powers. Kusuo decided not to tell them anything until he figures out what is going on. While in his female form, Kusuo goes under the name Kuriko[6] (formerly Kusuko[7]). After Kusuke makes Kokomi upset and Kusuo angered, Kokomi makes Kusuke run away from the area. He ends up throwing all of his money and the ring as an offering, hoping to have a peaceful year.

Puppy dog eyes won't work on an esper like me. [59] Reita transfers to his school, albeit is in a different class, and after some events he formally meets Reita’s spiritual guardian, Riki Takeuchi, Riki’s dead father who acts like his son. [102], Additional time goes by. He agrees with a promise of getting sweets.

[52] Thus, at 15 years old, Kusuo transfers into PK Academy.

(Can we do something re: our mayor too?) Kusuo’s class deciding on doing a display of interesting rocks they have found. It’s kind of Kusuo was born on August 16th by completely normal parents, housewife Kurumi Saiki and manga editor Kuniharu Saiki. It is obvious that if Saitama were to seriously fight Asta, it will not a matchup that will last more than a second. Just as Kusuo starts to slowly be fine with everything, he remembers he came to give Kusuke the package. In summer vacation, he helps build a secret base with Shun, Aren and Riki but faints once a bug gets into his face. His abilities/quirk is OP as hell and he is very strong physically. Kusuo is surprised and happy but nevertheless decides to travel back to his timeline.

Kusuo tells Kusuke the whole story in the evening. if feats are needed i can provide them, Honestly maybe someone on solar system level because he's op af.

They still push Kusuo to tell them, however Kusuo tells them he will not say anything yet. [193], Kusuo thinks on how to stop the kitty tank, Kusuo and Reita surprised on Kusuke's revelation, Kusuke and Reita are shocked at his action but Kusuo decided he is fine if everyone knew. Kusuo, along with Reita, initially did not fully understand what he said until it hit them.

He has only spoken out loud roughly 3 times in the manga. After hearing all the thoughts of those he knows, Kusuo accepts he will not have a normal life and decides to go destroy the meteor before it hits.[205]. Kusuo and Kokomi were picked to represent and lead the class on their project. Kusuo foils the newspaper club's plans to ruin Kokomi’s reputation, again.

", His name, Saiki Kusuo, is a pun on the word Psychics. and Linda Lingle, who created the rainy day fund, which is technically illegal under [148] He also subtly makes Kokomi stop changing her appearance, gives up on making her get over him, and accidentally says “offu” indirectly to her (albeit, she believes she imagined hearing it. Kusuo notices someone from class 2 got the same average score as him for the 3rd time. Alright in the first episode of 'The Disasterous life of Saiki. He hears his side of the story: Metori first saw Kusuo through a helicopter, he came to find them, they saw all of it and now they are here. He helps her with her dilemma and ends up changing how the day originally gone. Come on now, the pandemic is an once [9] He was highly mischievous, such as making his parents look for him for 5 hours after he teleported,[10] and smiled around others without a second thought.

Nevertheless, Kusuo plans to keep on testing with them. [83] Kusuo quickly gets his father’s glasses to prevent from making another person into stone and protects Riki from breaking apart for the remainder of the time. It's a cheap tactic. Kusuo ends up seeing his mother talking with Shun’s and Riki’s mothers, only for Kurumi to nearly accidentally spill the beans of his secret again. Copyright © 2010-2020 Honolulu Civil Beat Inc. All rights reserved. He is surprised that all of Hiroshi’s actions are completely normal and wants to be like him.

Kusuke shows him the device and Kusuo is disgusted by the design. [192] Kusuo attempts to get his body back and tells Reita to stop doing stuff on his body, yet Reita does poses and strips to only have his underwear. He likes to pry on the other characters, though it is often for their own good; for example, while he has stated that he personally does not think he will not fall in love,[24] he will watch others who are in love and help them if he can. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 5 min read.

words and we need a photo of the author and a bio. R1) Without Limiters. [168] He also monitors Kokomi, seemingly having a different opinion of her that is quite positive. He opens the drawer where the 2nd version control device is, stating he will put it on. On the same level as that? I'm not one to blame a single person for the failings across the state, even if he's the governor. After hearing what they all have worked on, Kusuo does not stop their plans. I guess I will become the shelter who will protect the couple's umbrella. Right before he was about to be hit again, Kusuo uses his powers to their classmate on the pull up bar. He always takes care of them when they are in trouble and vice versa. They are surprised and he uses this distraction to time leap back to one day prior.

In the beginning, he was always seen alone but as the story progresses he eventually gets along with his schoolmates, especially Riki Nendou and Shun Kaidou.

His father once invited him to go into Yukihira Diner. [181] Summer vacation also goes by quickly. Not to mention all that panting. [112] Also during this time, Kusuo ends up running into a freshman, Imu Rifuta, who has the same characteristics as Kokomi.